Flash Fiction at Printers Row

Flash Fiction at Printers Row

May 29, 2011

Flash Fiction at Printers Row


Flash Fiction at Printers Row

Come one, come all.  Test your storytelling against the world, or at least against other writers.

Printers Row, Chicago’s literary festival, is taking place June 4-5, on Dearborn Street south of Congress.  New books, used books, writers reading, readers writing–it’s all there!  We Mystery Writers always have a tent, and this year on June 4, from four to five p.m., we’re having a Flash Fiction contest.

Write a story that you can read in 5 minutes.  Choose one of the following opening sentences:

1) He wasn’t going to make it.

2) It was the smell that got to her.

3) Digging a hole six-feet deep was harder than he thought.

4) He’d have done it different if he’d known how much weight she’d gained.

5) They say a goldfish will eat anything.

Take it from there to anywhere.  Barb D’Amato and I will be judging.  Points will be awarded for everything from suspense to humor to coherence, and prizes will be awarded with a lavish hand.  The only goal is to have fun!