The V I Sweepstakes–Be First Past the Post

Body Work will be out on August 31 and we’re holding a sweepstakes to celebrate.  Body Work tattoos, books, and a grand prize of memorabilia of V I Warshawski’s Chicago will be given out every week during September.  White Sox and Cardinals fans–if you win the grand prize you’ll have material for your dart boards all winter long.

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, I saw the picture of Wrigley Field and it reminded me of a gift we gave my Grandma on her 89th birthday. It’s a picture of the entrance Wrigley Field and the Wrigly sign has “Welcome Grandma Suzie” as part of the marquee. As an avid Cubs fan, she was thrilled.

    The September Sweeptakes sound like fun. Hope I get lucky.

  • Shirley

    My mother was a rabid White Sox fan, having grown up in Ottawa, Kansas. We lived in soutwestern Arkansas in 1959, but she went to the World Series in Chicago when the White Sox played the Dodgers.

    As a kid, I knew ALL the White Sox players because we listened to their games on the “Game of the Day” on the radio. She would have loved to see them in the World Series again in 2005.

    However, I wouldn’t throw darts at the Wrigley Field picture–the New York Yankees were “the enemy” back then.

  • genny from jersey

    My husband is from Minneapolis so we share allegiance with the MN and Chicago teams. We’ve leaved in NJ for more than 20 years and still consider them “the enemy”—especially the Yankees.

  • Waiting with baited breath 🙂

  • Johannah B

    Been to Chicago a few times… and love the city!

  • Ian

    The sweepstake sounds like a good idea, but I am left wondering how International readers will be able to take part.

    I’ll Just have to wait and see.

  • Ian – I don’t think we can!

  • Ian

    Bookwitch – I think we’ll have to see what Sara has to say.

    If we cannot enter, then maybe she’ll do something special just for us.

  • Good heavens, the sweepstakes are open to everyone, regardless of race, creed, place of national origin, or current domicile! V I Warshawski is an equal-opportunity detective.

  • Ian

    Thats great to hear Sara.


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