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V I’s most important client is a man named Darraugh Graham. He played a central role in the novel Blacklist, and a major supporting role in Body Work. Darraugh is the CEO of a fuzzily-imagined conglomerate which I called “Continental United,” after doing a name search to make sure there was no such company.

Guess what? There is now a company called Continental United, the merger of those two big airlines. Rather than deal with lawyers and correspondence and all those time-consuming tsuris, I’ve decided to rename Darraugh’s company.

Darraugh is a good guy with impeccable manners. The company name needs to imply something international, but not be tied to a specific industry, since V I’s needs to get inside information about different industries changes from book to book.

Come up with the best new name for Darraugh’s company, and you will get a V I commemorative flashlight, along with a signed copy of Breakdown.


  • Yes it did! And I am useless at coming up with names.

  • the Bag Lady

    Hmmm… how about the “Combined Association (for) Liberal Local Investment Education” (you do see where I’m going with this, don’t you?) or “CALLIE” for short? I don’t know how to search to find out if that is already in use, but….
    (Obviously, I, like bookwitch, am useless at coming up with names, too!)

  • the Bag Lady

    Oh, that doesn’t sound very international, now does it? Oops. Back to the drawing board.

  • Norma Spark

    How about ‘Trans Global Assurance’ – it sounds re-assuring !!  However my experience of international conglomerates is limited … so infact it may not work at all.

  • Sandi

    How about Transnational?  Or TransUnited?

  • Kljackman

    Sara– how do you like “Global Vision” or ” Global Visions”?

    Kate Jackman

  • Shirleyannb

    Notbain International

  • Susan

    How about MacKenzie Transcontinental Group? Or Drummond MacKenzie Transcontinental Group?

  • Trans-Ocean Protection (Protect) (acr:TOP);
    Trans-Ocean Insurances;
    Law International Inc;
    Overseas Link Services.

    Big thanks for giving us, foreigners a chance!

  • granuaile

    Perhaps Continental United has an international merger and becomes even more global. They are conscious of the value of diverse perspectives and of bringing these perspectives together to work in concert.  They have become Multilateral United.

    And MU gives you lots of meanings to play with for company symbols or mystery, like the Lost Continent, the Greek letter (which is used as a symbol for many concepts in fields such as math, physics, engineering, chemistry, pharmacology, and computing), and a Japanese or Korean word that is used as the name for a classic Buddhist teaching known as the Mu koan…

  • Rosellen

    How about Sterling Amalgamated, International?

  • I came up with Mondial Enterprises, playing on the French word for “global.” Googling it, though I find that there’s a Chicago apartment complex with that name, and an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Not sure if that matters or not. “Mondrial,” a slight tweak, could work — Google thinks it’s a typo for Mondrian.

  • Amanda Lerougetel

    Here are my offerings for today…who knows what tomorrow might bring! 





  • Sandra McCullough

    Shall we try “Globus Equia” perhaps?

  • Idzan Ismail

    Intrepid International Inc. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Margaret Franson

    Global Enterprises

  • Idzan Ismail

    Good Synergy Corp.

    If Intrepid International Inc is chosen, Sara can call it Three I or Three Eye. Thanks.

  • Idzan Ismail

    Sorry. Triple eye.

  • Idzan Ismail

    Omigod, sorry again. What was I thinking. Triple I or Triple Eye.

  • Idzan Ismail

    Ever Wealthy Enterprise

    Best Insight Group

    Magnum Management International

  • Ms. E

    EquiTerra Ventures

  • Ms. E

    Never mind I just found out there already IS one…let me think some more. 🙂

  • Ann

    What about Graham International Synergy? It gives a family name and as with so many international combo’s, its name gives little clue to its actual activities? Also no hits with google.

  • How about “Graham International Limited” or “Graham Intercontinental Limited”? Both of these imply, at least to me, something large and amorphous, without committing the company to a specific industry.

    Some of the other suggestions people have made are clever, but in my experience, corporations try to AVOID acronyms that might have some hidden meaning. In fact, I heard once that Exxon actually hired an expert at one point to ensure that their corporate name wasn’t a word in any known language.

  • Hmmmmm,  

    United Partnerships 

    Graham Global

    Harder than it looks isn’t it!

  • Hermitage Green Global Industries

  • sue ingraham

    Grahamglomerate Green Inc

  • Anselm Conglom Intl.
    Quantum Products and Services Inc
    QPAS International
    Globe Corp

    Isha (my name, not a company suggestion 🙂 )

  • Sandra

    How about DG International
    or DGI (Durraugh Graham Incorporated )
    Or DG Enterprises
    DG Global or
    DG Global Enterprises

    Thanks or opening up the competition – l have read ( and collected) all your novels and m really looking forward to VI’s next adventure

  • Idzan Ismail, Malaysia

    Graham Grand Capital Group

  • Okay, maybe something more “ethereal” : Calliope Inc. In Greek mythology Calliope (“the beautiful-voiced”) is the muse of epic poetry but also of science. And I like the idea of an incorporated muse…

  • Alerougetel

    Here are two more options from me:
    1. Miokkage International
    2. Wusque Global

  • Stacey

    I’ve thought for a while and the only thing I could think that sounded vaguely appropriate was Alliance Multinational Group.

    Looking forward to the next book!

  • Duncan otieno

    hello am Duncan fabish from Nairobi Kenya, i have red one of your books( deadlock) i loved it . you are the Best .


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