Happy Birthday to V I

This coming January, V I Warshawski will turn thirty.  It makes me gulp–a whole generation of readers and writers has matured since the brash Chicago PI first came on the scene in 1982.

I have plenty of time to brood about age and aging, but very little time to figure out how to celebrate this milestone.

There will be a new book in the series appearing on January 3, but there isn’t time to add something onto it.   I need ideas from you on how to celebrate.  I will be creating souvenir pocket flashlights that everyone who pre-orders Breakdown will receive, but I want something festive to mark the occasion!

And I also need a slogan for the flashlights.  30 years of lighting the way is way too corny, not to mention tendentious and sententious.  The person who comes up with the best slogan does get a free book.

Thanks to everyone around the world who’s stuck with this stubborn, quirky, smart-mouthed lady.

  • Norma

    Hello from east London – how about ‘VI – a light in the darkness’ as a slogan for the flashlights (torches?). best wishes

  • FD

    Gosh, I turn 30 in February. Over the past five years, I’ve been reading my way through the VI books I can get my hands on. I never realised we were the same age! You’ll be happy to know the VI of 1982 still works for a woman born in 1982.

  • Idzan of Malaysia

    My slogan: Our Guarding Light since ’82. For 30 years, our Guiding Light.
    Have a wine and roses bash for 30 of your loyal readers who own all VI’s books. They can submit photos in your Facebook as proof. The door-gift is a commemorative newspaper tracing the milestones in her life and some quotes from the books.(She’s very witty).
     If it is too much work, please get 30 reprints of the Chicago Tribune paper on the day she was born. For you, I am sure The Trib will oblige.
    Please invite the media and TV too, especially CNN, for coverage so that your world-wide fans can view them. To share in your enjoyment..
    Thanks. Just my suggestion.

  • The Bag Lady

    VI – 30 years of beating the dark
    VI – Battling Darkness for 30 years
    VI – Breaking Down Darkness for 30 years

    (Hmmm, how big ARE these flashlights?)

    Congratulations on 30 years, Sara. Looking forward to the next 30!

  • Baldrey

    Lightening the path VI

  • Pen

    Good grief! 30! I’ve been reading since the beginning & I will be 67 in November! Was going to suggest lines re darkness but can’t compete with The Bag Lady. Look forward to the new book. 
    How about – Shine a Light.  

  • shirleyannb

    Sara, Being a foodie, I think  “VI’s Chocolate Cake with MOCHA Icing” and “Happy 30th Birthday, VI” on it would add to a festive time at some events.

    Some ideas for the flashlight slogan:
    VI– glowing brightly for 30 years
    VI– a beam of light on crime since 1982
    VI– beaming brightly for 30 years
    VI– focusing a light on crime for 30 years
    VI–the leading light in Mystery for 30 years 
    VI–lighting up reader imaginations for 30 years

    What a stunning creation VI was in 1982. How wonderful to read a good mystery featuring a female private investigator written by a female author!

  • JoAnn Welsh

    Hee hee — I remember when my old college roommate and I realized we’d known each other for 20 years. That’s supposed to be something you say about friends from kindergarten, not college! How did that happen?

    Maybe the flashlights could have both sides printed depending on one’s mood — or how V.I.’s investigation is going. One would be about lighting the way for 30 years, the other “stumbling in the dark for 30 years”…just kidding. I’ll try to think of something positive yet unsententious. 

  • But I quite like you stubborn, quirky, smart-mouthed…
    Sorry, am no good at slogans and I never win anything.

  • Nancy Buckwalter

    I’ll be sending in a suggestion for the flashlight in a few days.  My partner and I read totally different genres of books.  She is into mysteries and sci fi and I am into more the family/romance type.  So while I’ve been facing an unfortunate spate of medical problems and procedures, she told me without a doubt that I needed to read about some of V.I.’s exploits.  I’m hooked!!!  You are amazing!  I love your work so much.

    Thanks so much for your work and sharing with your fans.  And I’ll be sending in my suggestions for the flashlight.

  • Wa

    hOW DO i ORDER?  wa

  • Tori Hill

    VI = XXX

    The math concept is interesting and only some of us will know the secret


  • Baldrey

    VI victim not, vixen not, virgin not; VVV Victoria – a victory for womankind!

  • Bill Dunning

    Sara P……………………………………………

    Your home-boy from New Mexico here … loyal fan spreading the news to all my mystery-reading friends and cohorts. I suppose you’ve gotten tired of all the Roman number jokes, (Bobby can call her “Vicky,” but the Archbishop calls her “Six”). I also collect flags ( whole other story), and the flag of the U.S. Virgin Islands — a poor design, by the way — shows a large eagle and the two letters V and I, one on each side of the bird. So I call that my “Warshawski flag.” I liked the VI = XXX idea. (Divide one into the other and you get “High Five.”)
    Fifteen [novel-length] books in 30 years: great record. Now could be the time for someone to crank out a “biography” of our very own Queen Victoria, based on all the canonical statements of facts about her in those 15 books and the various short stories — somewhat like Bill Baring-Gould’s (and others’) biographies of Sherlock Holmes based on the Canon. 

    Looking forward to another one in January, I wish you and CW a very merry Christmas well in advance.

    Bill Dunning
    Santa Fe

  • N.H.

    “Casting light and cursing darkness for thirty years”.  What do you think? 

  • thatcherie

    bright women shine eternal….my slogan contribution

    thatcherie in BC  canada

  • Tadeirf

    “I’ve been carrying a torch for Vic for 30 years.”

    VI would just hate that–I reread Deadlock and she was amazed when someone used that phrase.  But I __have__   been…

  • Kristen

    Shedding light on injustice for 30 years.

  • mv

    VI Warshawski, Matchless for 30 Years

    Congratulations on your remarkable milestone!M


  • Sara Paretsky

    FD, I’m so pleased–thanks for letting me know

  • Mary Martha Jeffers

    Love VI so I was a little disappointed when I started reading “Kansas Bleeding” and realized it was not a VI mystery.  I started reading it and then had to stay up until two in the morning to finish it.  Would love to read a sequel.  ??


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