Where is V I? Week 5: Sneak Peak at the next VI novel

We took a break from our “Where is V I” while people started digging out from Sandy, and while we held Presidential and other elections.

It’s time to get back to the Girl Detective. We will have two winners this week. The first winner will come from our random drawing of “Where is V I this week?”

Where is V I? Week 5

Our second winner will provide the most entertaining answer to the question: Where in Chicago would you most like to meet VI? This will be a completely subjective decision by our team of judges. We will post the answer that most entertains us!

Here are your choices for the random drawing of Where is VI? Week 5

a.  Trevi Fountain, Rome

b. Neptune Fountain, Kansas City

c. Buckingham Fountain, Chicago

d. Fountain of Time, Chicago

Both winners will get signed copies of the paperback edition of Breakdown. Both will also received PDF files of the first three chapters of the next VI novel, so far untitled.

Please remember: we only use answers that you email to

Special congratulations to our Week 4 winners, Umang Sharma, and Karri Pasteris
  • Jack Tucker

    V.I. has become, sort of, exasperated with Chicago lately. Oh, she still keeps a pied a terre on the near south-side, but has moved to more comfortable digs on the North Shore, in Willmette, I think. Very close to Lake Michigan. She can still take a train into the city if she has to, but most of the time is satisfied with sipping a latte at a nearby internet cafe, while reading the papers and answering her e-mail.

  • Congrats to the winners. I submitted it via a message in your FB inbox. Both my gmail and yahoomail are hacked and declared invalid. . Don’t know how to retrieve it. Maybe Warshawski can help me solve this.


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