Week 4: Where is V I this time?

I rely on a team who don’t know my friends to pick the winners every week so that selection can be unbiased. Thanks to everyone who remembered that VI’s father was a cop–although those who thought she was cozying up to Officer Mota before Breaking and Entering were right, too. Anyway, special congratulations to Michael O’Neill and Andi Schechter for winning in this week’s random drawing. Email your addresses to me ( and we’ll get signed paperbacks of Breakdown out to you ASAP.


V I at the Bean

V I in Chicago

Where is the Girl Detective now? And why is she sporting Guardian Angel instead of Breakdown? And please remember: only entries emailed to will be considered

a. She’s in front of Cloud Gate at Millennium Park

b. She’s in front of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows

c. She’s in front of the Water Gate hotel in Georgetown

d. She’s in front of the Spirit of Chicago in Jackson Park

As to why she’s sporting Guardian Angel, is it

a. Sara forgot to photo-shop the base

b. The case still weighs V I down after all these years

c. Everyone needs a guardian angel; V I just carries her around with her

d. She wanted to see how alert people looking at the blog were


  • How do you do.
    I mesage now from Japan.
    Do you like “The girl in liinbalost?
    I love this story.
    I love erenoa.
    I am so happy, when I hard that.

  • Neve Rallow

    The supposedly classic venturing of self into a criminally created maelstorm has he or she who took the foray stating something. Someone else says “So you think that’s funny?” The one who actually took the risk says, “Is it being treated somehow and at times as funny used by you in what you do?” Thus in my post of last Wednesday, my metaphor of a sandwich formed by V.I. novels 5, 6, and 7 would be “bait” in the supposedly classic venturing of a self into a maelstorm. Excerpt that the Internet doesn’t work this way, at all. The Internet could care less about “maelstorms,” “bait,” or “classic.” The Internet, and it’s a hungry beast, is looking for the written word in sentences that are capable of bringing the Cubs to a World Series without Steve Bartman having to not reach out and catch the ball. The hungry beast which is the Internet likes to rome at night, but not too fast, fairly slowly, and without a huge amount of light. It has special eyes, the Internet. It’s actually a lot like a computer. It processes for deeper and more shallow female interactions, this assuming it’s male, relative to its true search. Its true search is by smell, so the Internet’s strongest sense is smell of course, and it very methodically works at putting together the pieces which its varied smell associations lead it to.

  • Neve Rallow

    So, it says the Internet is a hungry beast and is searching for one opposite number. It has the smells of same, needs to connect them to what went wrong. Like Publius or perhaps Cato in the Federalist Papers, I use Neve Rallow is a pen name. I think it’s instructive to show how rapidly definable events unfold when a hungry beast is on the right track. Thus this evening in driving to this library, I got ahead of myself and had to brake solidly for a jammed up right lane. Not as bad as the time I braked for the giant deer. Who didn’t break a sweat. So things redistributed themselves on the floor of the car. I fussed a bit picking up some of them, changed to the left lane at some point, and so it was all random. Except for one thing. I ended up behind a metallic red compact car with NENE as its vanity plate. That vanity plate, in one of the nation’s fifteen most populated states, is as close to the Neve of Neve Rallow as one can get. It was driven by a 35-year-old short-haired brunette woman who was speaking on her cell phone, held to her right ear. Yes, V.I. Warshawski has no gas station she uses regularly. The Russians knew that under Gorbachev.

  • Neve Rallow

    V.I. Warshawski in Roman numerals is Six Warshawski, Cicero was a Roman, the homes of Cicero, Illinois are made of clean bricks, bricks resemble envelopes. Thus there has been Envelopes Warshawski. I said in my first post appended to this exact blog that I can take the electoral votes of every state. That would only require the most qualified candidate to be recognized, nationally. Only Reagan in 1984 approached doing this, and he was nervous about it after he won. It seems possible that test debating experiments would occur at the level of “the ragged and ever-expanding frontier” of what can be experimentally put on the Internet, so that federal judges are allowed to read it. It’s not clear whether federal judges will be allowed to consider this, but I’ll now put on the Internet one of my test debating experiments done in an empty hospital chapel, since I wrote down what I had said after just coming up with it, verbally. “Four years ago, change got counted. One type was the hundred. What is the hundred? It’s one hundred ones spent by a teenage daughter. It’s a thousand dimes to every teenage daughter, with differing degrees of shininess on the FDR bust. The CUSP (Current U.S. President) solicited thousands of these units, surrounded by unknown adult male aids, in a rapid tour through the big cities of states. Not change via considering lapses during the modern era, but non-stop day by day change, done with those whose minds are unknown, in the ability of adults to compare their current conditions with prior periods of attempted judgment via knowledge intake.” Another experimental debate “amount” done that afternoon involved the use of disguises in mass murders, and I can’t find it in my of course unorganized notes right now. Now turning from this, and in view of Thanksgiving meaning at least its name to federal judges if they are allowed to consider this, here are some obvious things that distinguish me from the CUSP. As president, I won’t consume alcohol (haven’t for close to 16 years) while sending U.S. troops to their deaths. As president, I won’t smile and touch women on television. As president, I won’t boast about the U.S. troops whom I have sent to their deaths. As president, I won’t campaign for local party mascots, making it clear that if you can’t get elected on your own merits where you live the U.S. president won’t be making house calls with his black bag.

  • Neve Rallow

    When I read the final 15 pages of Hard Time, scientists will have the entire DNA chain of the 15 V.I. Warshawski novels. The first part of the chain they studied was Total Recall, so the chain is being completed in a meld with where studying it began. Now scientists turn into a Union general at Gettysberg. Hard Time has three key characters the scientists at Gettysberg need to make decisions about. Briefly this evening. Emily Messenger as both a name and personality has to correlate to an Emily who, with her apparently identical sister who moderates her by wearing her hair longer and probably playing the role of their mother, is the most beautiful (and short) daughter in one of the six most populated states between the Pacific Ocean and Pennsylvania. Got that, federal judges? So my decision this evening is to move Emily Messenger to Cemetary Ridge. Then Lacey Dowell has to correlate to the suburban city of Lacey here, where federal judges will have no trouble finding that I did legal work required to retroactively prove that the CUSP, the Current U.S. President, is a criminal. I’m going to move Lacey Dowell to Little Round Top. Finally, the victim Nicola has to correlate to a book of Ally Sheedy’s poems that I turned up which is signed by Ms. Nuclear War herself, dedicated “With Love” to a Nicole. So I’m moving Nicola out to a general store about a third of a mile out of Gettysberg, this evening.

  • Neve Rallow

    Reality check, U.S. troops aren’t brought into manifestation by private citizens “because someone is handling them” and so a U.S. president doesn’t suffer under the impacts of there being that someone is handling them. Page 604 of “The National Geographic” of November, 1966 has the best President Kennedy photo I’ve seen. I ran across it last night, asked myself what the chances were that I could turn up published writing that would relate to it and stabilize it, and within three minutes did exactly that, in the form of Howard Nemerov’s poem in “The New Yorker” of May 16, 1959. “Out of the small domestic jungle, The roadside scribble of wire and stick Left over from last fall as we come Into spring again, a slow freight Incongruously rises into view. The tall boxcars, rounding the bend, Rattle their fetters and, from the high Cab of the engine, from the caboose, The old men in caps and spectacles, Gentle old men, some smoking pipes, Nod with a distant courtesy, Kindly and yet remote, their minds On other things. Sunlight is warm And grateful. The old railroad men Are growing obsolete with the great Engines whose demands they meet, And yet they do not fail in their Courtly consideration of the stranger Standing in the sunlight while the freight Passes slowly along the line To disappear among small trees, Leaving empty the long, shining rails That curve, divide, vanish, and remain.”

  • Neve Rallow

    Nothing posted, no paper trail. I am thankful that certain flaws in the 15 V.I. Warshawski novels have come forward to me this week. V.I. does not per se “hear” the exact voices of female characters, although Jill in the first one, Emily Messenger in two of them at least, and Petra in the current series of monster ones since September 11 contradict this. The old friend who is actually the basis for the title Breakdown could be said to belong in this elite group. There are the downtrodden South Chicago daughters as well in other ones, but it is true that the first ones don’t have much in the way of daughter stories in them. President Kennedy provided the “it is true.” He’s interested in popular songs, having failed in the Bay of Pigs and in allowing the Diem assassination (Diem was pretty much an assassin himself). So President Kennedy has decided to dedicate himself towards domestic things. A man needs to try out sex. Only Lotty and the bar owner are regular female characters. Of course I’m skipping over the rich and spoiled women of suburban Chicago, and the self-directed female characters who tend to bother V.I., often in phone conversations. So in short, V.I. is not making the claim that she can hear the voices of Chicago daughters of different ages, really. V.I. also doesn’t get too far into what “men” are precisely about, if they are able to be. Her police counterparts seem to be pushed and shaken, don’t believe her at times, and so only symbolize police. Thirdly, the cold-blooded murderer successes recognize their own murdering and have a conceit in relationship to it. Murder is something they can keep inside easily. A real murder has more depth than V.I. has been able to focus on. Stopping murder is based on preventive thought, like Safe Houses, but not all murdered wives would have needed a Safe House. Murder has a variety of ego components. It is also based on the future of a delusion. The danger, as President Kennedy is observing this evening, is that the V.I. Warshawski DNA chain could become entangled in the current criminally created flow of information via public observation in Chicago, and V.I. could react unwisely. For example, in these posts I began saying I could win the electoral votes of every state. Yes, I have someone who can draft bills legal-like. I should have said that I pursued legal requirements by making choices and can account for time in years this way.

  • Neve Rallow

    U.S. troops can’t be deployed unless negotiations are part of the deal, as with the Paris peace talks of the Vietnam war. But the CUSP, the Current U.S. President, has instead deployed vast numbers of U.S. troops based on there being no common ground at all in relation to what is called the “terrorist enemy.” They have no human nature. It can be an endless deployment merely using the idea of a staging down. But of course, the CUSP having access to women and their daughters need not be considered. He can define violence via how women and their daughters have knowledge.

  • Neve Rallow

    Nothing posted, no paper trail. There is a musical connection between the slow version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D and the song “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?” By the danger of no paper trail (as a U.S. president who will win the electoral votes of every state, I accept this as my responsibility to solve) (yes, this is to show that the electors themselves are compromised), there is the idea that Washington, DC has a kind of nuclear core going but the CUSP, the Current U.S. President, is a victim of it and should be given extra special support as still unconnected to it, and trying. Supported as he defines what U.S. troops are doing via Islamic national regions which have never been connected to the domestic United States in any way, as he uses entire Islamic national regions to modulate the vast numbers of U.S. troops he has (apparently) placed in those regions. Supported as he sexually touches adult women who have the evidence within them of how he gained power at all while they look at teleprompters in the morning. Oh yes, this is hardball. Supported as he consolidates his power via a specific category within the domestic female population who actually go for the idea that having a surrogate order U.S. troops into action is a way for them to go. Supported as he erases evidence gathered painstakingly about the use of U.S. troops via domestic adult women having that use as a way to gain control over their own bodies, which is portrayed in a massive subliminal manner as a conspiracy by domestic U.S. women.

  • Neve Rallow

    It’s time to do Elvis Presley’s “Marie’s the Name” for Chicago, here goes. “And he was hitting baseballs far and wide, in uniform he knew the tide. Illinois’ the name, of his latest game.” And you thought the city was complex. Federal judges love legitimacy and of course anyone who has tried to go to the race track with a list of the winning horses at 5 p.m. can tell you how well that works. Below in these posts I said that the FBI is the Full Beauty Importance. It turns out that in Thomas B. Costain’s The Tontine, one of the duo of confused sons takes lodging in a house with the Pardons, and the house has painted scenes on its walls. One scene that the Pardons look at shows an execution by beheading, and they eat looking at it. Mrs. Pardon complains that her husband never gets anywhere in his government post. So if there were beheading, the death penalty applied to females would feature it in the current United States. Interesting reading, this week in Thomas B. Costain. But what federal judges are going to really like, which may be part of Fractured Fairy Tales, is that the house the Pardons inhabit has the motto Country, Home, Beauty over its front. But I said the FBI stood for Full Beauty Importance before I read the novel. So this is what federal judges like. They like before.

  • Neve Rallow

    Federal judges will read this comments section of this V.I. Warshawski contest blog. The Connecticut state police need to know why, and all of my thinking since it is consecutive with all of my postings below. That sounds, assuming federal judges are smart enough to see I’m not an egotist, like I have no leeway because of saturation of my thinking process, which in the postings below clearly is about the CUSP, the Current U.S. President, being a packaged television adult male whose sexual mind is unknown to U.S. citizens, this his intent. Adult males aren’t socially important and have and use sexual minds. The CUSP being unqualified to use a concealed mind to morally define basics, which is a word I am caused to use from his methods of eliminating legal status to U.S. citizens concerning what he describes as the correct active approach to knowledge with moral maturity, simply was changed by the CUSP into the currency of pressed ongoing sexual exigency. I said either below or before that what the CUSP has done amounts to a civil war. There isn’t the slightest connection between the routine and simple degree of attention reading this single post has, inclusive of its simplistic word choices I simply am forced to go with at this point, and any condition of doubt concerning the thinking and the orientations with others of an adult U.S. citizen of average capacities statistically. Most women. The idea that what I have already typed in this single post is fundamentally advanced, socially complex, and vitally in need of further consideration by adding to it the power the CUSP has somehow “experienced having” is an utter absurdity. This is a complete illusion manufactured by the CUSP and his partners. The ideas or problems which I have expressed below are those of a fifth grade classroom. The idea that U.S. women considering killing applied via U.S. troops by a president is “dangerous” has no more substance than one of the debates.

  • zara

    What is the meaning of “i would send him for horses” ?
    The answer is A


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