V I, the Video

With the help of dynamite videographer Ben Chandler, we created a Sara, V I, and Chicago that gives me a chance to show you a little bit of V I’s Chicago, and to talk about V I and about the new book, Body Work.

Sara, V I, and Chicago

Body Work from Sara Paretsky on Vimeo.

  • Very clever…nice job!

  • Shirley

    As the Southern chef on Food Network, Paula Deen, says,”I can’t hardly wait!” Eleven days and counting…

  • genny from jersey

    The video was great and now I want more!

  • Ian

    Just ordered mine from Amazon, as we have to wait another 3-4 months before the UK h/B release.

    Seeing the vid reminds me of my trip to the city in 2008 and bring back some of the memories.

    Would be nice now to see an actual map of chicago with all of VI’s locations marked on it. A bit like what we have at the top of the page.

    This would be a great collectable to readers and something i would be more than happy to buy.

  • Dear Ian, Thanks! And thanks for the suggestion about a map of Chicago. I’ll see whether we can work something up that I can post.

    I’m grateful to everyone who could watch the video. I am having that “I can’t stand how I look on camera” reaction…

  • annika b

    Unforunately I can’t see the film on this old computer, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new book!

  • Thanks, Annika! Just as well you can’t see the video–I look like a horrid grey-haired battle-axe!

  • Shirley

    You’re being too hard on yourself, Sara. You have aged gracefully with pretty hair and skin. By the way, I saw your red shoes in the video–much like VI’s?

  • Ian

    Hey Sara, I would never say you was a battleaxe.

    A battleaxe would never had kept me entertained when you gave your talk in Feb @ the guidehall, Abingdon, Oxon, UK.

    You are being hard on yourself, but you are like a fine wine, that Matures with age.

    I’m glad that you will consider looking at doing some sort of map of VI’s locations – like Home, School, work, Childhood Home, Beth Israel, Lotty’s place, etc,

  • Stine

    Great video! This is the first time I’ve heard your voice, and now I’m hearing it as I read Body Work (which I was so fortunate to win in the first VI-competition). The book is really good! You have captured the claustrophobic feeling of winter beautifully. I’m reading it super slow, so it will last long. (PS Stine is a female-name :-))

  • Ian, Shirley, thanks for the pick-me-up. Those weren’t V I’s red shoes–hers are pumps–but I’ve loved red shoes since I was four years old!

  • Shirley

    I understand why you feel like this. Society is much harder on women when it comes to physical appearance. As a result, most photos of female celebrities are retouched or airbrushed and not realistic.

  • Yes, and it’s embarrassing that a feminist like me who would not judge another woman on her appearance is so hard on myself!

  • Norma Spark

    Hello, I loved the video clip, it really helps to fix the sights of Chicago in my mind. The nice jazz piano soundtrack is something I will replay in my head when I read Bodywork!
    Sara – I think you look great walking the streets of your city, you look strong and powerful and very elegant – thats sort of how I imagine VI to be.
    Do more video clips – it really helps set the stories and your value base into context.
    All good wishes

  • Norma, thanks–I passed your message onto the videographer. We’re going to put up a longer segment in November that will show more of Chicago and more of V I’s background.

  • Sara, we all cringe when it comes to watching ourselves! You look (and sound) marvelous, and it was so cool to finally hear you talk!
    Thanks for this.

  • Norma Spark

    Hello Sara and other Blog readers – it was lovely to receive your response to my comment Sara.
    It made me think about how the internet has changed our communications and engagement. I am writing from East London to you, half a world away in Chicago.
    Imagine 100 or 50 years ago, a woman from east London conversing with an established and successful author in the USA. It seems like an unlikely event.
    Now here we are in (a form of) conversation… its pretty extraordinary.
    Of course, I dont know whether other renowned writers make themselves as accessible as you do Sara, as yours is the only website that I follow…
    I think perhaps I should engage more widely in cyberspace !!
    Good wishes to all from very rainy east London

  • And here I was thinking you looked particularly good, Sara!

  • Dino

    Loved the video clip! And, stop it, you look terrific. I want to get into the book, now. But, I can wait to get it at W&CF. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  • A. McKim-Spilker


    Enjoyed the video, I thought at one time VI was into fashion, especially shoes, or do I have her mixed up with another fem PI?

    Compled Body Work, good plot development, dialogue and character development. At first, I thought it was going to was going to be another cliched “bad Walmart, bad Blackwater, bad Tintrey,” but you managed to pull it out and save the plot..

    Although, just for purposes of accuracy – Tintrey’s Operation Enduring Freedom Section could not have been operating in Iraq. OEF is the official name used by the US Govt for the War in Afghanistan, together with smallerl military actions under the umbrella of the Global War on Terror (GWOT). OEF also comprises seval subordinate operations in the Philippines, Horn of Africa, and Trans Sahara.

    I’m sure I won’t be the first or last reader to point this out to you.

    Good luck…I’m liking VI more in my old age as she grows with me.

    A McKim-Spilker

  • Nancy Shields

    Nice video! I an currently reading Body Work. I appreciate the fact that you are reminding the public that there is a war going on and they are forgetting about the troops serving there. My grandson is currently stationed in Iraq

  • Nancy Shields

    Nice video! I an currently reading Body Work. I appreciate the fact that you are reminding the public that there is a war going on and they are forgetting about the troops serving there. My grandson is currently stationed in Iraq in the U.S. Army and it is still a dangerous place to be. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!


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