Scheduling Conflicts

I have a problem: I’m supposed to start my tour for Hardball on September 22, but that’s also the season premiere for NCIS.  I confess that I’m a fan.  Some of my friends say the dialogue is wooden and the action predictable, others that the show is hard on women, but I still love it.  Because we left Ziva in a Somali torture cell, I’m not sure I’m strong enough to go to Old Orchard to read from Hardball


while her fate is in the balance.

Agent Todd was murdered, Agent Cassidy was killed in an explosion, Agent Lee was exposed as a traitor, Director Shepherd died in a shoot-out.  Women do not fare well on NCIS.  I don’t know if this is misogyny or just one of those things where none of the male leads have died and all the females have (except Abby, of course), but Donald Belasarius fate hangs in the balance on September 22.

By the way, August 31 is the last day for the “Where Has V I Been?” contest.  You can post here, or at the original contest site:

  • Patricia

    Sara, what a cliff-hanger to be starting out on a tour on! Have a fresh memory of the warmth and intelligence you brought to a reading and Q&A signing in London. All best and wish you hassle free travelling.

    I so love the map and its pin-pointing of the VI hot-spots. From the first VI, I found myself a Chicago map and was able to follow and gain a great sense to the city through the subsequent books. Some of its heartbeat was extended to us. The city, it’s strengths and failings, layout and history, layers of people who settle and make it, especially political and commercial history, was as much a star as VI. That city is portrayed by someone who cares deeply and with such a truth; it’s as sharply focused and glints like a diamond.

  • genny from jersey

    I’m also a huge of fan of NCIS. Until you pointed out the fate of the “Women of NCIS” I hadn’t really thought about it. Yikes! There is lots of speculation of how the situation with Ziva will be resolved. Does she use her Mossad training to escape? Does Gibbs & company come to her rescue? Does her father?

    I’m also interested in the spinoff–NCIS Los Angeles. I see that Linda Hunt will have a regular role on the series. I always enjoy her work.

  • What a terrible dilemma for you! Postponing the book tour probably isn’t feasible, though is it? Guess you’ll have to tape the TV program! 🙂

  • allison davis

    They now make a little portable TV, smaller than a laptop that’s wireless where you can hook in. Or get Tivo and save up the episodes or have someone download and send to you. I gave up my TV when analog went out — partly due to a divorce and partly just being stubborn. So I am relegated to watching the odd episode of Numbers and Criminal Minds (my favorites)on Hulu.

    Besides you have to come…I’m all ready for you at Book Passage in Corte Madera (Oct 3). The last time you signed a book you told me to “jump off the high dive” so I did and finished my novel. Working on my second. Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to reading another VI book. Allison

  • Laurie Jane

    I hate when that happens! It’s like you don’t want to have to tape it, you want to be able to watch the season premiere as its happening. It’s something that I’m looking forward to also. It seems like at times there is nothing on television and there is nothing to do and then there’s the extreme of too many things to watch and do all at the same time. Of course, my conflicts with tv never have anything to do with my starting a book tour, lol 🙂

  • I’d say cancel the tour!

    Seriously, it’s a real dilemma. For the start of series 3 I found myself hosting a dinner party at home, and could barely function.

    I’m sure Ziva will be fine. You’re right about the women, which is so wrong of them, but she’ll stay. Trust me, I’m a witch. I think CBS have an immediately available ‘watch this again’ button on their web page. Which is all right except for us poor souls in the rest of the world.

  • It would take an act of God, so to speak, to get me to miss NCIS. Everyone knows that unless it’s a matter of life and death you do not call Cheryl on Tuesday nights between 7pm & 8pm. I’m serious.

    That being said, if the tour is carved in stone, your only alternatives would be to tape the show or just adjust the time? Could you do that? Start earlier in the day? Or could you take a break for an hour? Call in sick (*wink)?

    BTW, I am coming to one of the signings come hell or high water. Maybe the one in Milwaukee on October 12th…that’s our anniversary and I could have that for my present.

  • What a relief to know I’m not the only NCIS addict–I’m even getting the early seasons from Netflix so I can watch without commercials.
    Cheryl–if you come to MIlwaukee I’ll be on my mettle to give you a good performance!

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  • Doug Clark

    I am also a huge NCIS fan. I didn’t watch it until my parents got me hooked. Now, I have all the seasons on DVD. I just did receive Season 6 last week. I had noticed how the strong women leads kept being killed and was not happy. I’m guessing some is because people want to leave the series (Sasha Alexander), but I’m not happy about it as they are often my favorite characters. I have read that Cote de Pablo is not leaving, so I hope her character’s situation will be resolved positively. I am excited for the new season to start.

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