Really, the Winner Is…

We got 23 great questions that tested how well I know V I and sent me back to some of my own books for the answers. Choosing a winner was tough. We weren’t looking for some unquantifiable “best” question, but one that made us laugh or sent us to the archives or made us see V I through a different lens.

First place goes to:

Who has been attacked more — Mr. Contreras or all of V I’s lovers combined?

Submitted by JoAnn Welsh

First runner up:

In Boom Boom’s will he gave  VI  money but requested that she not spend it all on what?

Submitted by Genny Winne

Everyone who submitted a question will get some Body Work tattoos; JoAnn and Genny get signed books. Stand by for an email requesting your mailing details.

Many thanks to everyone for taking part in such a light-hearted contest in the dog days of summer. The complete list of questions is:

Q:  How do you pronounce Warshawski?

Q:  What colour is VI’s hair?

Q:  How tall is VI?

Q:  With what letter of the alphabet do VI’s favourite comfort foods start?

Q:  What is VI’s favourite “comfort/indulgence” colour?

Q: When Mr Master’s asks “What does the ‘V’ stand for?”    What is V I’s response?

Q:  What profession did V I’s mom what V I to pursue?

Q: In Boom Boom’s will he gave  VI  money but requested that she not spend it all on what?

Q: Who is the only person that calls VI   “Vicky”?

Q: Where did V I get her manual Olivetti typewriter?

Q: What’s the raciest thing VI’s worn in the books?

Q: What recordings of Gabriela singing exist and who owns them?

Q: Tony worked with many members of law enforcement while a policeman.  Which are mentioned by name?

Q: Where did Mr. Contreras fight while in the military?

Q: Which of Mr. Contreras’ family members are named in the VI books?

Q: Which of VI’s cousins are named in the books?

Q: How did VI meet Lottie?

Q: How many kids does her downstairs neighbor have?

Q: What is Mitch’s parentage?

Q: How did VI acquire Peppy?

Q: What is Mr. Contrera’s first name?

Q: Who has been attacked more — Mr. Contreras or all of VI’s lovers combined?

Q: How many times has VI been saved by a dog?

  • genny from jersey

    I’m so excited about getting the signed copy if “Body Work”. YEAH!!!!

    We were so disappointed that your tour doesn’t include our “neck of the woods”.

    Thank you so much.

    Genny Winne, “Material Engineer”

  • Those are some excellent questions, and will send me back to the archives, too (although, sadly, I seem to have lost a couple of my books, and have never been able to find a couple others to purchase, so cannot claim to have read ALL of the VI books).
    Congratulations to the winners.

  • Congratulations to Genny and JoAnn! It was a great little contest.

  • Thanks — this really makes my day! Now I have can look forward to reading the rest of Body Work AND getting my signed copy.

  • Shirley

    Would be interesting to see the ANSWERS to the questions.

  • Idzan Ismail. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Dear Ms Paretsky

    The 23 questions will keep me occupied this holy month of Ramadhan. So far I have got the answers to 11 questions. Busy googling all your books and re-reading the ones I owned to find the answers.
    I like the question about the Olivetti type-writer. I still owned the Olivetti Lettera manual one. I have disposed off my Royal type-writer.
    I read in NYTimes Cormac McCarthy’s Olivetti type-writer has been auctioned off. And so was John Updike’s Olympia typewriter.
    Do you still keep the type-writter you own?


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