How to Tweet V I

I was thinking of starting a Twitter account in V I’s name, only to find that someone is already using “V I WArshawski.”  The someone is a woman named Nisha Susan who had a rather brilliant approach to some right-wing Hindus trying to assault women.  I’m happy, even flattered, that she wants to tweet in V I’s name, but that leaves me with the question of how to set up V I’s Twitter identity.

Twitter limits the number of letters in a name–I think it’s 24.  I can do “VicWarshawski,” but I’m not crazy about that, or “TheRealVI”–Warshawski won’t fit.  Or I can do “VIWarshawski1.”

None of these seem quite right to me and I’m waiting for the brilliant suggestion that will bring V I into the 21st Century.  If you have the perfect name, you’ll go on a list for an ARC of the next V I book, so put on your thinking caps, my cyber friends.

V I doesn't let the blizzard keep her from her appointed rounds

  • MD

    How about VIWarshawskiPI? I checked Twitter, and it’s available!

  • genny from jersey

    Well MD has a really good idea. I went to type it and then realized it was already there.

    Others thoughts:

  • Cartsmartbaglady

    “VIChicagosfemalePI” ?

  • Cartsmartbaglady


  • ParetskyVI might work, although it may call too much attention to you as the author instead of the character. Do you have enough characters that you could do VIWarshawski60201 (but with the correct zip code for where she’s currently living in the novels)?

    My brain keeps going to “VITweetFighter” because I just finished Body Work. or VIByTheBook

    And, on an entirely unrelated note since this is the first time I’m commenting on your blog, I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love the way you write about Chicago. I started reading the VI novels right after I started college there, and I loved that they were about the city I was growing fond of. Now when I read them it’s like going back to visit. It makes me miss living there a little less.

  • Actually… what about PIWarshawski

  • Sarah

    Hmm. How about using the underscore? VI_warshawski?

  • What about “MissW_ChicagoPI”? I love that nickname for her through the books.

  • Idzan, Malaysia

    How about OriWarshawski. From the word original.
    My race (Malays) love to shorten English words like original to ori. Thus KFC in my country has orichicken and spicy chicken.
    In Hebrew ori means origin and also My Light.
    An apt name for the much-loved PI. Just a thought. Thanks.

  • Holgerfiallo

    What about VI’s Nic name that her dadd gave her last name and Warshawsky?

  • Idzan, Malaysia

    Omni-Warshawski sounds nice too since it’s all about her and she is everywhere!

  • I don’t see why “TheRealVI” wouldn’t work. There are similar celebrity IDs on Twitter.

    Other possibility: “VIthePI”.

  • Idzan, Malaysia

    Woke up this morning and thought of
    1). TheWarshawski
    2) WarshawskiChi denoting life force of the PI who has vigor, vim and vitality. Also the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet.And of course the famous Chi-Town.
    3). ChillWarshawski from a rap song Chill, for Chicago, Illinois.
    Thanks for making me think.

  • Philippa

    Not enough room for “Sara Paretskys VI Warshawski” but how about “Chicagos VI Warshawski”? It also seems to be available, Best wishes

  • Off topic: Congratulations for being named (for?) the 2011 Grand Master Award.

  • Lee Swerdloff

    How about Pit-Dog Warshawski, Lotty’s nick name for her in Dead Lock!

  • Idzan

    So Rahm Emmanuel is the new mayor of Chicago. Daley is no more. Can’t wait to go to Chicago in June.

  • Candida

    How about VIforshort, or cornedbeefonrye?

  • Asddasas

    Rihtaš mal? Rihtaš?


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