Help Me Celebrate

Let's have a Party

Let's have a Party

I’m in San Francisco, nearing the end of the first 2 weeks of Hardball’s publication.  I’m having a launch party at 57th Street Books in Chicago on Wednesday, October 7 at 6 p.m.  There will be delicious snacks from La Petite Folie, there will be wine, juice, and above all, books–not just mine, but all kinds!  Help me celebrate.

Books, books, books

Books, books, books

  • Wish I could! I can claim that I have another launch to attend in London, which I do.

  • Wish I could be there! I’ll have to toast your new book from afar, I fear. It’s fabulous, by the way – I love it!!

    Thanks for writing such great books, Sara.

  • I’m jealous, Bag Lady. No book yet.

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, the book launch sound like great fun. Whenever we get back to IL to visit family we always head to 57th St–great used books shops there. Wish we were closer…

    Have a safe trip.

  • I just sent a link to this page on Twitter. I love San Francisco. Hopefully fans there will see the tweet. btw, the book is so good. I have to read fast ’cause hubby wants his turn 🙂

  • big fan

    Couldn’t be with you, but miraculously i found the book today in the press shop in the European Parliament in Brussels. I bought it. I’m reading it. That’s my way of helping you celebrate.
    There’s a huge electrical storm outside tonight. i’m curled up inside with the book and enjoying it hugely.

  • Just finished reading “HardBall”. What a wonderful book!
    I was on a list at the local library for the book, visited the library last Friday, and there was the (several copies) of the book. checked it out, and finished it today!
    Keep up the good work — but don’t forget Kansas!

  • Just finished “Hard Ball”. A wonderful book that had me in
    tears at the end. I was on a list at the local library, visited the library Friday, and there were several copies of the book. So I checked it out, and finished it this evening.
    Please –don’t forget Kansas!

  • Thanks, Cecelia. And no, I haven’t forgotten Kansas!


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