“Voices like these can ring in your ears for 40 years and more,” writes Marilyn Stasio about Hardball in the New York Times.

“Warshawski enabled the creation of contemporary female crimestoppers such as Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) in the cable TV series Saving Grace,” says Julia Keller in the Chicago Tribune.

  • Penny Thornton

    Great review!

  • Wonderful reviews! Makes me very keen to read. (But a little shocked to find that V I and I are the same age now.)

  • Both are excellent reviews. Julie Keller’s description of V.I.’s Chicago is spot-on. We only lived Chicagoland (St. Charles, actually) for five years but loved every minute. Spent many hours in the city exploring so I’ve got great memories. Makes me want to hop in the car and head back.

  • patricia

    Hardball seems so contemporary with our times. 40 years back to the future. A tough ride in the White House and a war on.

    Bob Harris had John Prine and Nancy Giffith on his BBC radio 2 show last night. Prino sang Sam Stone, (the returned vet with a ‘hole’ in his arm). Nancy sang her haunting new song about a 1958 mixed race couple. They were called the Lovings; she’s called her song The Loving Kind. (Even now, some have difficulty coming to terms with Obama’s parents marriage).

  • patricia

    Oops! Nancy Griffith sings, The Loving Kind.

  • Bookwitch you’re so YOUNG! Penny, Cheryl, Patricia thanks for your responses. I love John Prine & Nancy Griffith both, heard her live a couple of times–oddly enough in the UK, never here. I’ll look for the Loving KInd It’s so depressing, the hate tht’s spewing out of radio talk shows here. very hard to take

  • genny from jersey

    Great reviews. I’m getting my copy on the 23rd. Can’t wait.

  • Great reviews! I can hardly wait to read this one. (and VI and bookwitch are a year older than I am…)

  • I am still figuringout how to update my website; this wasn’t supposed to be a blog post, just archived in the news. But thank you for responding
    and baglady you are a total infant, I don’t think you can be trusted out with calves

  • I expected more maturity from someone by the name of Bag Lady. When I started school you would still have been, well, very young.

  • Laurie

    I’m so excited to read the new book. Can’t wait!

  • Sara – thanks! (where do I mail the payment? hehehehe)
    bookwitch – sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in! *snicker*

  • I just finished reading CHAPTER 46 DISCOVERY in HARDBALL. And when I turned the page for CHAPTER 47, it wasn’t there! What was there was a repeat printing of CHAPTERS 41-47. And nothing more – THE END. Now I have to go and try to find another book with the completed chapters so I can finish the book. Arghhh!!!!

  • Dear Susan
    I’m so sorry. I’ve forwarded your message to the publisher, and someone should be in touch with you directly through your email to arrange to get you another copy.

  • Becky v

    Just finished reading Hardball–absolutely loved it–my most favorite V.I. book yet! Keep them coming!

  • I’m on Chapter 41…just dashed into my bedroom to check the rest of the book…it’s all there *whew*.

    Baglady & Bookwitch, if you can’t play nice, go to your rooms. 😉

  • Sorry, Cheryl! We just got a little carried away.

  • Jeanette

    Just finished Hard Ball and enjoyed it immensely. I hope there will not be so long a wait for the next Warshawski mystery.


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