Yesterday I finished making my final edits, responding to the publisher’s final edits, on a new book (Breakdown, which will be in stores on January 3).  This should be a time of euphoria, but endings are for me melancholy times.  I typically go around in a kind of brain-dead fog for several weeks.  This time I’m trying to short-circuit the fog by going out of town–my husband needs me to attend to some personal matters in his home town that he doesn’t feel well enough to handle, and then I’ll take a few days for hiking or whale watching or whatever is happening this time of year in the Pacific northwest.  And come back incredibly buoyant. even exuberant, for my fall travel/lecture schedule.

  • Pen

    I hope you have a restful & exhilarating break Sara (if that’s possible at the same time!) and that you come back feeling on top of things. Well wishes!

  • shirleyannb

    Sara, Imagine that you’ll hit a few coffehouses while attending to business and relaxing. Hope it goes well, and you come back ready to rock and roll! 

  • The Bag Lady

    Sara – the Pacific Northwest really isn’t all that far away from the ranch (well, okay, it isn’t really all that close, either, but closer than Chicago!) ….. you could come here, help with the preserves (almost finished the jellies and jams, will be moving on to the pickling very soon), moving cows, picking berries, camping in the wilds, all manner of things that will take your mind off your melancholia! 
    Or not.
    Enjoy your break (whale watching actually does sound more appealing than cow watching)!!

  • Sara paretsky

    The melancholy comes from ending a project that isn’t as good as I hoped, and perhaps realizing that at my age I’ll never be the writer I dreamed of being when I was young. But–I will uncover BC’s best coffee bars, hike the trails on Vancouver Island, and meet a woman who I hope can help me get started on a new project. Bag lady–making jelly would be way more fun–wish you’d invited me before I bought my nonrefundable ticket!

  • The Bag Lady

    Oh, Vancouver Island is only a hop, skip and a jump from here!! (A rather large jump over those pesky Rocky Mountains in between BC and Alberta, mind you!) You could swing by on your way home! 🙂 Have a good time, and I hope your new project goes well. The island is gorgeous this time of year.

  • Stine

    I have a somewhat similar feeling, when I finish a Warshawski novel. And then I usually start all over again from Indemnity Only to Body Work. I think you are a brilliant writer! All the best to you!

  • Rachel B.

    Have a good time out west, and hope you shake off the melancholy! Looking forward very much to the book.

  • Hendra

    My question has nothing to do with your last post.  I am thinking about purchasing a Nook e-reader because I love to read.  I own all of your books (have read and re-read them several times…thank you for writing them!), but I wonder how purchasing books through an e-reader affects authors and the money they earn because e-books are cheaper. I don’t want to cheat authors out of the money they so richly deserve by purchasing fewer “real” books.  Can you offer an opinion, please?


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