Day 5 Houston

I was in Kansas City on Thursday, Lawrence  yesterday–where I got to see one of my brothers and his wife–and then on to Houston in a tiny spinewrecker airplane.  Last night in Lawrence two teen-aged boys came to the event and Ii was thinking, boy am I cool–I even speak to sixteen-year-old boys.  Turns out they’d been sent by their English teacher to sit through an author appearance, and afterwards, one asked me who I was.  I said my name and he asked if I was a writer, or just reading someone else’s book.  So–a good corrective for the over-active vanity!

I fly early tomorrow to Chicago, where I’ll race to the western suburbs for an event and hope to be home in time for Kol NIdre.  I feel melancholy much of the time on the road–one is lonely, cut off, and then I get to events and am happy to see everyone and perk up again.

I also feel melancholy about observing Yom Kippur in such a distracted way.  It’s a funny thing–I’m at the atheist end of the agnostic spectrum, but Yom Kippur is such a sacred day.  After many years of walking away from Judaism, I started observing it out of respect for a grandmother who was murdered in the Vilna ghetto on Yom Kippur.  I was named for her, and as a child, I hated being named for a murder victim–I thought it doomed me to follow after her.  Now, though, it is a day where  I can get centered, where fasting brings a kind of peace and introspection, and I wish I didn’t have to spend part of the day doing laundry, filling prescriptions and repacking for the next week on the road–but I hope my grandmother will understand and forgive me.

P.S.  I’m posting in a Houston hotel; Genny has pictures from Bethesda which I’ll add when I’m back home at my own machine.

  • Shirley Harrison

    Sara, You need your golden retriever with you to keep you company.

  • genny from jersey

    I don’t know how you keep up with the pace of the book tour (although I’m really glad you’re doing it). The list of places just goes on and on. Just know that your fans appreciate the sacrifice you make to do this.

  • That is a grueling schedule…wish we could all tag along to keep your spirits up. I’m pretty sure your grandmother would understand about the laundry, etc. If you can feel a little bit of peace and introspection on Yom Kippur, that’s better than none at all.

  • I’d volunteer to fill in for you, but I’m pretty sure someone would notice the difference in our appearance (I’m a wee bit heavier than you…. and nowhere near as smart!) But you know, the offer is there…. 🙂

    And I’m sure your grandmother would totally understand and forgive you, and she would definitely be proud of you for all you have accomplished!

    Enjoy your day at home.

  • Those 16-year-olds wouldn’t have noticed, Bag Lady!

    Sara, I’m sure your grandmother is extremely proud of you.

    Maybe the answer to touring would be a bus (like the one Eoin Colfer toured the US in last year) where you can have all creature comforts, including dogs and husbands and stand-in Sara Paretskys.

  • Thank you, my cyber sisters–your words are most helpful

  • Doug Clark

    Hello Sara,

    Hopefully, you were able to enjoy some rest before hitting the road again. I am looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis tomorrow evening. I have been anticipating your visit for a couple of months. For me, it will be a time of joy in an otherwise bleak period that has been the last couple of weeks. My mother passed away on September 17th followed by my father on September 26th. Following your reading, etc. tomorrow night I will be heading to Brookfield MO for his visitation and service on Wednesday and Thursday. I really do appreciate the effort you make to come out and put up with us. Please take care and safe traveling.

    Kind regards,

    Doug Clark

  • Anna

    I hope you had a peaceful Yom Kippur. And that the tour doesn’t wear you out too much! Can’t wait to hear you read in the UK, although of course we are asking an even longer journey of you…

  • Idzan Ismail

    Belated Happy Yom Kippur to you.
    Will like to read your thoughts if Chicago wins the bid for the Olympics 2016.


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