David Thompson

I am sorry to have to report the sad news of David Thompson’s death.  He was co-owner of Murder by the Book, the premier mystery bookstore in Houston.  He died suddenly, at his computer, at the tragically young age of 38.  Like everyone in the mystery world, I valued his knowledge, his insight, and his support of authors, both those starting out and those who’d been around the block a few times.  He was an amazing encylopedia of knowledge of crime writing, and readers of all ages, shapes and sizes valued his advice.

His wife  McKenna Jordan needs our support during this hard time.  For more information, you can read the report in the Houston Chronicle.  I was just with David and McKenna in their store two weeks ago and still can’t quite accept that this news is true.  As Libby Hellmann says, “writers might add clarity to the mystery community, but David added heart.”

  • Shirley

    What sad news, indeed. My deepest sympathy to Jordan.

    Since Murder by the Book is the closest store on your tour, I preordered an autographed copy of “Body Work” from their store and got great service. I highly recommend it.

  • Nancy Dillow

    Ms. Paretsky, you are the first author that David ever put me onto. I still have the poster of the movie that was made from one of your books. David had not been at MBTB for very long, but he was thrilled to show me who he knew.

    I’m Nancy Thompson Dillow, David’s mom.

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Bookstore owners are my favorite people. They are so knowledgable. I try and visit bookstores wherever I go. Though I dont know Mr Thompson, my condolences to his family.

  • Sandy Stegeman

    Incredibly heartbreaking. My sincere condolences to his family.

  • genny from jersey

    This is such sad news. He was so very young.

    Nancy, so sorry for your loss.

  • Shirley

    Somehow, I thought Jordan was McKenna’s first name–so sorry. My thoughts are with her and David’s mother, Nancy, also.

    I agree that indie bookstore owners are the best people. Indie bookstores are great to visit and listen to the staff talk about their book picks and favorite authors.

  • I initially had written McKenna Jordan’s name backwards–sorry to be confusing. And we’re all very concerned for you, Nancy, and for McKenna. We will stay in touch.


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