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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Yesterday I finished making my final edits, responding to the publisher’s final edits, on a new book (Breakdown, which will be in stores on January 3).  This should be a time of euphoria, but endings are for me melancholy times.  I typically go around in a kind of brain-dead fog for several weeks.  This time I’m trying to short-circuit the fog by going out of town–my husband needs me to attend to some personal matters in his home town that he doesn’t feel well enough to handle, and then I’ll take a few days for hiking or whale watching or whatever is happening this time of year in the Pacific northwest.  And come back incredibly buoyant. even exuberant, for my fall travel/lecture schedule.

Happy Birthday to V I

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

This coming January, V I Warshawski will turn thirty.  It makes me gulp–a whole generation of readers and writers has matured since the brash Chicago PI first came on the scene in 1982.

I have plenty of time to brood about age and aging, but very little time to figure out how to celebrate this milestone.

There will be a new book in the series appearing on January 3, but there isn’t time to add something onto it.   I need ideas from you on how to celebrate.  I will be creating souvenir pocket flashlights that everyone who pre-orders Breakdown will receive, but I want something festive to mark the occasion!

And I also need a slogan for the flashlights.  30 years of lighting the way is way too corny, not to mention tendentious and sententious.  The person who comes up with the best slogan does get a free book.

Thanks to everyone around the world who’s stuck with this stubborn, quirky, smart-mouthed lady.


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