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Tweeting VI

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Nisha Susan, who had been using “VIWarshawski” as her twitter handle, graciously gave the name to me. You can now follow VI on Twitter.

I loved the suggestions people sent in as alternative handles before Ms. Susan got in touch with me, and I will be sending galleys of the next VI novel to three people for their creative suggestions:

VITweetFighter – Elizabeth Boskey

PitdogWarshawski – Lee Swerdloff

PIVIWarshawski – Cartsmartbaglady

I’m only about halfway through writing the next novel, so your rewards are someways in the distance, but if you will email me ( your mailing address, I will make sure you get galleys as soon as they are available.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

How to Tweet V I

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I was thinking of starting a Twitter account in V I’s name, only to find that someone is already using “V I WArshawski.”  The someone is a woman named Nisha Susan who had a rather brilliant approach to some right-wing Hindus trying to assault women.  I’m happy, even flattered, that she wants to tweet in V I’s name, but that leaves me with the question of how to set up V I’s Twitter identity.

Twitter limits the number of letters in a name–I think it’s 24.  I can do “VicWarshawski,” but I’m not crazy about that, or “TheRealVI”–Warshawski won’t fit.  Or I can do “VIWarshawski1.”

None of these seem quite right to me and I’m waiting for the brilliant suggestion that will bring V I into the 21st Century.  If you have the perfect name, you’ll go on a list for an ARC of the next V I book, so put on your thinking caps, my cyber friends.

V I doesn't let the blizzard keep her from her appointed rounds


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