Where Has V I Warshawski Been?

Hardball will be in stores on September 22, but I have an extra Advance Reader Copy –what some people call bound galleys.  As you may remember, it’s been a few years since V I was last tearing up Chicago, or being torn up by Chicago. What was the Girl Detective doing while I was writing Bleeding Kansas and Writing in an Age of Silence?  Post your idea here and the one that is the best–funniest, scariest, or most clever–will win its author my last advance reader copy.  Our judges are completely subjective–remember, this is Chicago!



  • Hi Sara! Looking forward to your upcoming novel. Congratulations on being named Chicago Magazine’s best mystery author! I just read the August issue this week and was very happy to see your name. Hope to see you at a Sisters4Science session this year. In the meantime, enjoy your summer!

  • What a terrific idea, Sara! Is there a deadline for submitting our ideas? (I need to ponder a little….)

  • Deadline: yes, please submit by August 31. I’m looking forward to what you come up with!

  • Aurea-Vicenta

    Hi, Sara!

    Thank you for that´s great books!



  • Linda Semple

    Hi Sara. It seems obvious to me that V.I. was travelling through Europe engrossed in a case so complex she lost touch with you for some years. I know this because I met her at Rosslyn Chapel and Kilwinning Abbey. She muttered something about Knights Templar and what sounded like ‘Illuminati’ and was overheard to mention the Holy Grail and US Cellular Field. But I can’t be sure…

  • I like this idea – I never asked myself what VI could do while you are writing a new book.

    But when reading the last book I wondered more than one time how old VI might be now. And now I wonder how old she will be in the coming book.

    Some “heroes” never get elder, but I don’t think that VI is some of these…

  • I thought of a storyline in the middle of the night, last night. I really did! I’m not sure how funny/clever/scary it is but it would be interesting, for sure. So how do we submit them – here in the comments section or do we email them?

  • CherylA

    I think VI was running security for Rod Blagojavitch (sp?) Her services are no longer required there so she is back in action doing PI stuff.

  • Marjory

    She came to Britain after having an epiphany while talking to an ex lover and realising how injurious, insulting, anachronistic and indefensible a hereditary monarch as head of state is to every person there and in fact to every human on the planet. She became involved with groups campaigning for an elected head of state during which she dressed as Thomas Paine in a protest re-enactment of the French and American revolutions, where replica flintlocks turned out to have been primed by a monarchist agent provocateur, causing the ‘Chick Lit’ author Louise Bagshawe, a monarchist and prospective Tory candidate for Parliament, to lose a finger on her writing hand and try to sue the protest groups. V.I. still wakes up some mornings with the smell of gunpowder in her nostrils, something which always puts her in an exceedingly cheerful and optimistic frame of mind. Subsequent to the L Bag incident V.I was abducted by two of the unwholesome parasites who surround the throne, the hands who rock the cradle of inbred stupidity and blood disorders, when she was locked in the boot of a car and driven to the north of Scotland to an unknown fate. However, she managed to loosen her bindings and as the car was driven through the gates of Balmoral she was able to attract the attention of protestors who were there demonstrating about the Queen refusing to open Buckingham Palace to the public enough to cover its repairs. Two palace officials were charged with abduction and V.I. was put on a plane back to America. The story continues…

  • Anna

    Darn it. If she’s spent so much time in the UK, how on earth didn’t I run into her?!

    Will come back to this one, but I do have a feeling that she might have felt her old political activist muscles twitching and campaigned for Obama…

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