V I’s Whereabouts–Updated

I didn’t give enough details on how and when to send in your suggestions for where V I spent the years I was writing other stories (see the post below for all the details.)  The cut-off date for entries is August 31, and you can post them here on the blog.  I keep track of all posts, so don’t worry if it ends up under a different header.  Also, you can enter multiple times if you have another idea you like better than the first one you sent in.  And thanks, as always, for your interest.



  • Battered, bruised, and worn out after her experiences in the landfill, Vic suffers yet another blow when she learns that Geraldine Graham has passed away. Vic is shocked almost speechless (not sure what it would take to make Victoria actually speechless, but this wasn’t it!) to learn that Geraldine has left her a substantial sum of money.

    Vic has been suffering an emotional crisis, feeling as though all of her hard work trying to be an advocate for the downtrodden of Chicago has been for naught. She spends some time in a retreat in Quebec and is now back in Chicago, healed in body and spirit and ready to take on whatever the windy city has to throw at her.

  • Under attack by business interests for her political positions, she finds herself embroiled in a petty libel suit. This was exhausting (both emotionally and financially) which of course was the intent of the little group of corporate CEOs had intended.

    When Vic discovers that the lawsuit against her was further funded by lawyers close to the Vice President Cheney, she declared war on the GOP. What time she had left over from assisting her lawyers defending her case, she gave over to the state legislative efforts of political newcome Barack Obama. Ultimately, she joined his Presidential Campaign staff as a security liaison with the Secret Service. In December of 2008, with Obama heading to the White House and her successful counter-suit against Cheney and the Chicago CEO’s behind her, Vic swears off politics and returns to her private practice.

  • Basheer from Morocco

    Vic spent some days in Italy, when she discovers that her mum Gabriella was a volunteer nurse with the Italian army during the World War II and she felt on love with an American Second lieutenant named David in 1943-44. Here start her investigation in Italy to pick up the scent of this mysterious lover. As Tony Warshawski was dead, Vic has to find David so she can do a parental testing, but it’s complicated : David past away 20 years ago, and he has one only child … the actual Governor of the Illinois, who was in the middle of an election campaign…

    Sorry for my English 🙂
    Have a nice day

  • Patricia

    It would be just fine if VI had had an assignment in Hawaii. Tracking a smuggling cartel, insurance, or through a political/crime assignment of a reporter friend. Maybe got a call from an old school/college friend now resident in the islands. Can just see VI jogging by the ocean early morning after having had a snifter or two at the Tradewinds Bar the evening before. Then heading out to the mountains or rundown part of town on the trail of someone lowdown on the chain of a property developer scam bad-guy.


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