Judy Krug

Judy Krug died on Saturday, April 11.  As a fierce advocate of the 1st Amendment, she began the Freedom to Read Foundation, which supports U.S. libraries in their ongoing struggle with censorship.  I didn’t know Judy well at all, but I took part each year in Banned Books Week, another of her brainchildren, where we read from and celebrated books that have been challenged or banned at libraries in the United States.  My favorite of the banned or challenged books I learned about through Judy was And Tango Makes Three.  Tango relates the true story of two male penguins in New York’s Central Park zoo, who became lovers, hatched an abandoned egg, and raised the chick.  


Judy Krug was a hero and a model for me, someone who was not afraid to speak up, not afraid to take abuse in defense of our most fundamental freedom.  All of us who cherish the written word are lessened by her death.

The family would like donations made to the Freedom to Read Foundation, at 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL  60611.



  • genny

    Sara, thanks so much for posting the story about Judy’s passing. I do remember hearing about the two penguins at the zoo. We have a lot to learn from the creatures that inhabit this earth.

  • Am glad we had folks like her to fight for freedom – I cannot believe some still advocate banning books!

  • It is difficult to comment on this post without sounding trite – I’m afraid Judy’s fame had not spread this far north. It is always sad to hear of the passing of someone who obviously worked so hard for the betterment of all. She will be remembered through her foundation. Thank you for enlightening me about this woman.

    On another, more personal note, do you still have Golden Retrievers? I had one that I rescued from the pound many years ago. Thor was with me for 13 years, and I still mourn his passing, even though it’s been 4 years this month! I always loved that about your books – Peppy and Mitch hold a special place in my heart!

  • ab

    Thanks for telling about her. She did an important job that shouldn’t be needed in the first place.

    Tango makes three is now famous even in Sweden, because of all the stupid parental commotion around it. Maybe also simply because it’s such a nice and good children’s book, well drawn, simple and warm – which no doubt irritates the fundamentalists even more.


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