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Week 4: Where is V I this time?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

I rely on a team who don’t know my friends to pick the winners every week so that selection can be unbiased. Thanks to everyone who remembered that VI’s father was a cop–although those who thought she was cozying up to Officer Mota before Breaking and Entering were right, too. Anyway, special congratulations to Michael O’Neill and Andi Schechter for winning in this week’s random drawing. Email your addresses to me ( and we’ll get signed paperbacks of Breakdown out to you ASAP.


V I at the Bean

V I in Chicago

Where is the Girl Detective now? And why is she sporting Guardian Angel instead of Breakdown? And please remember: only entries emailed to will be considered

a. She’s in front of Cloud Gate at Millennium Park

b. She’s in front of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows

c. She’s in front of the Water Gate hotel in Georgetown

d. She’s in front of the Spirit of Chicago in Jackson Park

As to why she’s sporting Guardian Angel, is it

a. Sara forgot to photo-shop the base

b. The case still weighs V I down after all these years

c. Everyone needs a guardian angel; V I just carries her around with her

d. She wanted to see how alert people looking at the blog were


October 16: Why is V I with this Man?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
V I with Officer Mota in front of Toni's Patisserie

V I with Officer Mota in front of Toni’s Patisserie

Our contest continues! This week, V I Warshawski is standing on Washington Street, near Grant Park, with Officer Mota of the Chicago Police Department. V I is often prickly, some might say confrontational, with the CPD’s finest, so what’s going on here?

a. V I is trying to fool the police into thinking she’s following their rules, but as soon as Officer Mota leaves, she’s off for a spot of breaking & entering

b. When V I’s beloved cousin Boom-Boom’s hockey career came to an end, he did a stint with the CPD before his untimely drowning

c. V I’s father Tony was part of the CPD and she still knows some of his old friends on the force

d. When V I’s adored mother Gabriella was murdered, the CPD tracked down the killer; V I continues to be grateful

Once again, only answers that are emailed to: are eligible.

Thanks for playing.

And CONGRATULATIONS to the Week 2 winners: Daniel O’Shea and Kate Wilson! As soon as we have books available we’ll get them out to you.

PS on a personal note, today is my husband’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COURTENAY!

October 9: Where in Chicago Is V I Warshawski

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

We had a great response to Week 1 and we have two winners! Rachel Benoit, and As soon as we get mailing addresses, we’ll get early copies of the paperback Breakdown out to you.

On to today’s question. Where in Chicago is V I today?

V I in front of Henry Moore Statue, U of C Campus

October 9: Where is V I Warshawski?


a. V I has an explosive personality; she’s taken Sara down to the statue commemorating the first nuclear chain reaction

b. V I is always sticking it to the 1 percent. She’s in front of the statue where Chicagoans who belong to Yale’s famous Skull & Crossbones Club meet

c. The American Dental Association headquarters are in Chicago; V I is looking for clues near the statue of a giant tooth, complete with gold filling

d. V I grew up in the shadow of the old steel mills. They’re long gone and pieces of the USX Works were melted down into this ominous statue commemorating their end

Once again: email your answer to

Only emailed answers are eligible for next week’s drawing.

October 2: Where in Chicago is V I Warshawski?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Where in Chicago is V I #1

V I is a big sports fan. She went to college on a basketball scholarship, her cousin Boom-Boom played for the Blackhawks, and she herself follows Chicago baseball and football. She’s dragged Sara to one of her favorite sports arenas. Who plays here?

a) New York Yankees

b) Chicago Cubs

c) Manchester United

d) The Maple Leafs


Send your answer to

On October 8th we’ll do a drawing from all the correct answers and announce a winner, along with the October 9th quiz. DO NOT ANSWER IN THE BLOG COMMENTS. Only answers sent to will be entered in the drawing.


Good luck!


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