Week 1 Sweepstakes Winners

While Sara is away on tour, her Sweepstakes team has randomly selected six winners. Five people have won Body Work tattoos, and one person has won a copy of Body Work (which Sara will personalize once she returns home). We’ll be emailing the winners shortly to get your mailing addresses and to request your permission to post your names on this blog. Congratulations winners!

The Sweepstakes team will be selecting winners again next week. Remember that if you’re already on Sara’s newsletter list, your name is automatically entered. If you are interested in entering, click here to subscribe to her newsletter.

  • Shirley

    When you get time, Sara, I would like to know how the book tour is different from the first book tour/s back in the day??

  • I met Cheryl K while I was in Minneapolis. I love getting to meet the regulars who write in this space, so, thanks, Cheryl, for making the drive. As for how this tour is different–when I was starting out, independent bookstores were the dominant venues for book sales. B & N and Borders were just starting their national juggernaut, and Amazon hadn’t even been founded. Author events were events and it was routine for three or four hundred people to show up. Now, between Internet sales and the fact that there are dozens of author events every month, an event that draws several hundred people is rare, and I often read to ten or twenty. Readers are still people who respond to the written word, though, and whether there are three or three hundred, I find the same active engagement with the text wherever I go.

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Happy Labor Day Ms Paretsky and everyone.
    May you hear lots of kachings for your book.
    God Bless.

  • I follow Cheryl K on her blog so it is fun to see how excited she was to meet Sara. I would be too.

  • Mark Casey

    I bet you didn’t get a reception like Tony Blair got in Dublin!! You know why? Because Sara, you are well respected.

  • Scotia

    Well, the tour is coming nowhere near San Diego, so I’ve ordered signed books from two of the fine establishments on the provided list… one for me and one as a surprise for my mother back in Illinois who got me into reading at a very young age, and introduced me to V.I.

    Maybe next time Southern California can be on the list… or the economy will be better and I can come home to Chicago for a stop. I find it a bit depressing that the crowds seem so small these days. I totally want to add to that. I’d be only one person more, but it’s still +1! 😉

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Mark Casey

    Yep. You are right. Sara will never be pelted with eggs.
    She did not go to war with anyone.

  • Thank you!

  • I’m still jealous of CherylK! (But happy to know I was at least mentioned during your visit with her!)

  • Princilee C

    I am excited about being picked as a winner of your new book and wish that Clovis, NM was on one of your touring schedules, but if you ever do get close to me I will drive the distance to meet you. Thank you so much for VI she is the greatest.


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