V I, The T-Shirt

We created a t-shirt to celebrate V I’s return to business.  They’ll be available as raffle items at the stores where I’ll be on tour, but I’m also holding a raffle through my website so that people who want shirts and can’t make it to my tour events can have a chance to get one.  My husband took these snapshots on our backporch: the back shows the Hardball jacket cover, the front is a silhouette of V I, with the message, “V I is Back.”  If you want to join the raffle, just send an e-mail to us at with “t-shirt raffle” in the subject line.

back of shirt

back of shirt

front of shirt

front of shirt

Thanks, Sara

  • Janet George

    I LOVE V.I.!!

  • That T-Shirt rocks! Love the silhouette.

  • Penny Thornton

    This is a great idea! I’m a VI fan in the UK so I hope
    I can still go in for this? Well, I have anyway!

  • {enny–people are entering from all over the world. If you win the delivery may be slower–but it will come to you even in Uzbekhistan!

  • Way cool!
    I’m so excited to think that I’m going to have one of those t-shirts as my prize from your contest! Thank you, Sara – I can hardly wait! *big grin*

  • genny from jersey

    LOVE the t-shirt. Are you the model in the pictures? I agree about the silhoeette on the front. It is so VI.

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, if I had checked my emails before posting I would have known you were the T-shirt model.

  • no worries, Genny: those flabby arms are hard for me to admit ownership to!

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  • Aurea-Vicenta

    Hola, Sara.
    Preciosa camiseta.
    Esperando que traduzcan al español tu último libro, te envío un saludo.

  • Aurea-Vicenta, Hardball will be published in Spain some time next year. Thanks for your interest.

  • Aurea-Vicenta

    Hola, Sara.
    Gracias por la respuesta. Me ha emocionado mucho y espero con ilusión la nuevas aventuras de V.I.
    Un saludo.

  • Hello, Sara.

    With the title “Jugar a ganar” the book “Hardball” has been translated to the Spanish.

    Very impressive and enlightening the plot of this novel that until June of 2010 we have been hoping in Spanish.

    Congratulations and a warm greeting.

    A. Vicenta

  • I’m most pleased that the book reads well in Spanish, and thank you for writing to let me know.



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