Tour schedule for Hardball

When my webmistress, Lisa Hazen, finishes my new site, the blog and the tour info and everything will all be available in one place, and I will be trained in how to update the site, but for another few weeks, I’m in two different places.  Putnam has finalized a tour schedule for Hardball, and you can see it here.  For UK readers, Hodder is publishing in February and I’ll go to the UK for a week then–details will follow.

Meanwhile, great ideas for what V I has been up to!



  • Thanks for the link! No Women & Children First reading? Although I will be happy to catch you at one of the other 4 local events. 🙂

  • Sheesh. Doesn’t look like you’re coming anywhere close to the ranch. Sigh.

  • Maybe the ranch has to come to Sara, then?

  • The ranch doesn’t travel well….

  • genny winne

    I’m so disappointed. Nothing really close to us.

  • Rachel, I won’t be doing a formal reading at Women & Children, but I will be there between 5:30 & 6:30 on September 22, Launch Day, to sign books if you want to come then.

    Bag Lady, and Genny, I wish I could come to the ranch–or to New Jersey, or both–but any of the stores on my tour will be glad to send you a signed book. You can email or call the store and if you give them the name I know you by on the blog I’ll be glad to put in a personal message.

    Thanks to everyone for your interest!

  • genny winne

    Sara, thanks for the suggestion. Is there any certain store that you would recommend over another?

  • Everyone is equipped to respond to mail orders, so I’d suggest you do a store at the start of the tour. I’d personally prefer it if you went through the independents. Even though I’m not doing a formal event at Women & Children, I will be signing there the day of the launch; their number is (773) 769-9299. I’ll also be doing early events at Rainy Day in Kansas City: 913-384-3126 and the Raven in Lawrence:785-749-3300

  • Anna

    UK tour – hooray! Although I’m afraid that I am impatient and have pre-ordered so that I can receive a copy at the American release date.

  • Doug Clark

    I was very excited to hear about your new book, Hardball, coming out on September 22. I am planning to come into St. Louis for your signing on September 29. I won’t be able to be at the luncheon, but I am planning on the event that evening. I have had the good fortune to be at a couple of appearances you’ve made in the past. The first was when you came to St. Louis for the Jewish Book Festival several years ago. The second time was for a reading in Lawrence KS upon the release of Fire Sale. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Shirley

    Why don’t you come South more with your new book? I have been reading your mysteries since the early 80’s. You’re still my favorite author. There are plenty of us who admire your writing down here in TN.

  • Shirley, I wish I could come to Tennessee, too. I’m honored that you think so highly of my work.

  • Maria

    UK Tour – hooray, indeed! Might go for a weekend trip with the hubby, Sara. Unfortunately, though, your publisher will most likely want to “own” you, otherwise we’d take you out for dinner!

    Am writing a chapter on you and V.I. right now, deadline in a few days, for a non-fiction book on noir authors. I’m SO enjoying rereading the series and writing about the many aspects of it.

    Maria N


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