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After a week of hectic schedules (Sara is now in Japan!) and The Computer Gremlin that Ate Sweepstakes Blog Post #2, the Sweepstakes team is back in business. First, let’s do some catch-up:

Week #1 winners include Karri Pateris, Dianna Akin-Watt, and Princilee Collins.

Week #2 winners are Wendy Haber and Mary Monell.

We hope you enjoy your prizes.

Next, let’s get moving on Sweepstakes Week #3:
Prize winners have been notified by email with requests for permission to add your name to this post (which is not required to receive your prize) and for your mailing address.

Week #4: There is still time to win the grand prize! We will choose the winner of the V I Warshawski gift basket next week (Wednesday, September 29th, a week behind schedule). Remember that if you’re already on Sara’s newsletter list, your name is automatically entered. If you are interested in entering, click here to subscribe to her newsletter.

  • Saule

    From Tokyo,
    Thank you Sara for your speech on Wednesday and today Thursday in Tokyo.
    I asked you some questions, and may I add some more?

    I said I think very highly of Edith Wharton. Among her works, I appreciate “The Age of Innocence” and “Ethan Fromm” very much. She isn’t known in Japan, and maybe even in USA, she is underestimates than Henry James who wrote about only his class (Wharton described proud country man, Ethan.) and had rather smaller world than Wharton. I compare “The Age” to Tolstoi’s “Anna Karenina”, both describing the same age (1870s), Wharton’s heroine proud, independent and with her own decision, Tolstoi’s Anna tragically losing herself. I saw Scorsese’s film “The Age”. To my surprise, this modern director couldn’t understand this proud heroine’s character and made her into an elegant coquette.


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