Sara Paretsky Day at the Chicago Public Library

The Chicago Public Library declared March 14 “Sara Paretsky Day.” They made a wonderful event of it, putting up posters in all the branches, and getting Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to issue a formal proclamation, which declared that V I Warshawski and I had made a major contribution to the city of Chicago and the world. It was very cool, and also a little embarrassing, because I know I’m also the person who nags my husband and doesn’t always hang up my clothes or who cruises the Net when I should be writing.

Harold Washington Library

Inside the Chicago Public Library

Here was the best part: John Mahoney and Amy Morton from Steppenwolf did a staged reading of the first chapter from Indemnity Only, the first novel I wrote. I can tell you that Amy Morton is V I Warshawski. The words sound way better when she reads them than when I write them, and I have a new fantasy, that I can persuade Disney to do a TV series and that she would agree to play V I.

Rick Kogan, who is the most generous and thoughtful interviewer I’ve known since the late great Studs died, did a Q & A with me on the stage, Steven Albert from the Court Theatre brought my husband and me and some friends drinks at dinner afterwards, and a good time was had by all.

My thanks go to Craig Davis and all the staff at the library, and to the publicity team at my publishers, G P Putnam’s, who worked together to make this wonderful event happen. And a big thanks and bow to Amy Morton and John Mahoney. It thrilled me to the core to share a stage with them.

  • Shirleyannb

    Congratulations! It’s long overdue for Chicago to recognize your writing.

    John Mahoney was splendid in “Frasier.” I have watched reruns for years and especially liked his role as Frasier’s father. Such a natural actor. You were in truly great company last night.

  • the Bag Lady

    Congratulations! How gratifying to have your hard work recognized!

    (Must now go google Amy Morton to see if she matches my own idea of Victoria!)

  • cousin Barb

    Wow, that’s so great Sara! I wish I had been there for День Сара Парецски!

  • Sandi

    Wow!  A fabulous and well-earned day of recognition!  I also love your fantasy of Disney doing a TV series about VI.  The only problem, of course, is that television is rarely true to novels, characterization, etc.  So — we’ll fantasize that — in this case — a VI series would actually “be true to form.”

    Again, congratulations, Sara!  It was a well deserved honor!

  • Kmutters

    What a fun day!  Glad to see that you are getting the recognition that you deserve.

  • Pen

    A well deserved tribute to your writing Sara!

  • Marian Haeys

    It was great to meet another Chicago treasure!
    Marian Hayes
    Cafe Yeye-WCSU radio

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sara. Wow, great, congratulations. I had not heard of the Steppenwolf ensemble, or Ms. Morton, so I looked her up. I figured your enthusiastic recommendation was worth the effort. Here’s a link to an interview she gave:  http:/// I can understand your enthusiasm for her voice. Actually, it seems to me that she would be a terrific VI. Just about the right age, and I think a sensible look and feel. Hey, here’s a crazy idea: how about writing a VI play, to be premiered at the Steppenwolf?  As if you don’t have enough on your plate (smiles). Alan Kaufman

  • Idzan Ismail

    Wow, I share your happiness. An apt tribute to Chicago’s famous lady. You sure did the city proud.


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