Every January for more than 5o years, people in the University of Chicago community have tried to lighten winter’s bleakness with a musical revue.  For many years, the witty Robert Ashenhurst and Ned Rosenheim provided words and music in a Noel Coward/academic vein.  More recently, Andy Austen, by day ABC-TV’s courtroom artist, by night a playwright, has written scripts that are both clever and charming–and often very funny.

We’re lucky to have the talent in the community to make it a  good show, even though the stage is tiny.  Sara Stern is an exceptional actor and takes a leading role; Dr. Philip Hoffman, a senior oncologist, plays a wealthy society matron, and musicologist Noel Taylor pulls it all together in only 4 weeks of rehearsals.

It’s one of my pleasures to take part as well, and over the last five years, my character –whether an evilly scheming Morgan LaFey or a stern police officer–sings an aria that proves she has more ambition than skill.  This year, I play a fundraiser with a recalcitrant daughter and my aria, sung to the tune of Habanera, is a paean to “L’argent!” (L’argent stays true when lovers flee/when kids behave to you ungratefully…)

The show takes place in the Quadrangle Club and is open to the public; details below.

P.S.  Thanks for all the wonderful title suggestions.  I’m sifting through them as I work on rewrites!

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Limpur, Malaysia

    Wow I am so impressed. Not only are you a talented writer but also an actress and singer.
    I hope to see the Quad when I go to my daughter’s graduation from U of C next year.
    I received the U of C mag and read it from cover to cover.
    Love reading the Alumni News especially.

  • Sounds like a good time! Just wish I could attend, but it’s a little too far to travel. Don’t suppose there’s any chance of you posting a little video of your singing?

  • Shirley

    Did you know Robert B. Parker, author of the Spenser mysteries? Sad to hear he’s gone. No more Spenser and Jesse Stone mysteries.

  • I only met Bob Parker once, but like most lovers of the noir detective, I admired his work. Although I’m sad that he died, I’m glad he got to die with his boots on, so to speak–the death we all hope we will have, engaged in something we love doing–not in a hospital, attached to tubes and whatnot.

  • Shirley

    Agree that he was very lucky to go that way.

    I first read the Spenser mysteries about the time I discovered your first mystery–in the early 80’s. How fortunate to have read both VI’s and Spenser’s exciting stories all these years!

  • It’s this weekend, right?

    Break a leg!

    (Meant in a purely theatrical way not in an icy streets way.)

  • Windycitypeter

    Hi Sara;

    I saw the show last night and loved it! Very funny, full of twists and turns, and of course tres witty ala U of C! I particularly liked the way our here was able to run for mayor and get instated on the ballot even though he had been away from Chicago for years….He always meant to come back! Anyway, it was quite fun. I am a neighborhood friend of Bill and Sasha Schmidt, who told me about it. Had quite a hoot and plan to make it an annual tradition!

    Peter McCarthy
    Hyde Park.


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