Ready for Take-Off (or getting there)

We launch Hardball on September 22, and I’m slowly getting ready.  We had t-shirtsP9050065_2-166x300 made (be sure to join the raffle if you want one) I’ve done a few interviews, including the chance to take part in NPR’s “You Must Read This” series.  I’ll be launching the tour at Barnes & Noble in Old Orchard at 7:30 on September 22, but I’ll be doing some stock signings during the day, including one at Women & Children First at 5 p.m.

I had to have some rotten bone dug out of my jaw last week and a bone graft put in, so I am also ready to challenge myself physically on the tour.  The experience made me remember a time about 15 years ago, when I was on tour in Germany.  Despite obsessive flossing, brushing, professional care by the yard, I have terrible teeth, and one of them gave up the ghost in Frankfurt.  The publisher sent me to her dentist, who hacked and sawed and splintered the tooth, all the while murmuring, “Erschrecken Sie sich nicht” (a polite way of saying don’t freak out.) A Jew in a German dental chair, staring up at the Siemens logo on all the equipment while someone smashed my tooth to smithereens, I was freaking–but forty minutes later I was live on Frankfurt television, pretending nothing had happened.  So I expect to rise above my recent surgery as well and be ready to see as many of you as will join me on the road.

  • genny from jersey

    Hope you’re not experiencing too much pain after your dental procedure. I can see why the dental emergency in Germany could be a bit traumatic for you.

    Hope you have a great book tour. I’m so excited about the release of “Hardball”. Can’t wait to start reading it.

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear about your dental problems! Have I ever mentioned that I was a dental assistant for many years? I hope you won’t hold it against me!

    I hope your tour goes smoothly! I’m looking forward to reading “Hardball”!
    Will you be blogging at all during the tour? I hope you’ll have time to share some of the fun with us!

  • BagLady–far from holding it against you, I’m likely to demand that you inspect my gums! Hygienists are my best friends==I spend many of my waking hours with them.

  • Just arranged (from a long distance) to send my husband to see Swedish dentist while in Sweden (they are the best, you know!). I think he survived the experience. On their website it said ‘languages a speciality’, so no doubt he had multilingual fillings.

  • Penny Thorntoon

    The problem with your jaw bone graft sounds rather nasty and painful. Good luck with the Hardball tour. I’m looking forward to getting reaquainted with VI!

  • Penny Thornton

    Whoops! Sorry for the extra ‘o’ in my name folks. Probably because of my Scots ancestry!

  • Penny Thornton

    Now this doesn’t make sense at all! Because my earlier post isn’t on here. I just said that your bone problem sounded nasty, Sara. I’m looking forward to getting reaquainted with VI again.

  • Good luck on the book tour! I hope your mouth isn’t hurting too much. Heal well!

  • Penny, I see your September 16 comment under “writing in slow motion” but not an earlier one for the new post. Sorry if the system didn’t let your comment in, butI’ve reviewed all the queues and there’s nothing waiting in them

  • Sara – if you ever get out here to the ranch, I’ll be happy to inspect your gums! (And I promise to wash my hands first, especially if it happens to be calving season!) hehehehe

  • Penny Thornton

    Thanks Sara. I must have done something wrong whilst trying to post. Not to worry. Got there in the end!

  • patricia

    On a speaking tour…any other part of the body. Not the easiest of challenges. Sara, wishing you all the very best on the tour. Salute your keep on truckin’ spirit.
    “May the road rise up to meet you.
    And may the wind be ever at your back”
    (Irish blessing)

  • Thanks for all your responses and concerns. Bookwitch–I like the idea of filllings that could do simultaneous translation for one–open wide and you suddenly speak fluent Mandarin!


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