On the Road

With V I and Hardball.  I’m leaving today, September 22, and will be home only briefly between now and October 19.  I’m looking forward to meeting some of the cyber team while I’m traveling, and I feel very fortunate that I have the chance to meet so many readers in person.  At the same time, it’s hard to leave home, hard to leave husband and puppy behind.

Here are the three of us, at a burial for one of our granddaughter’s stuffed animals–shredded by the dog in questionHPIM0073_2

I’ll try to post some updates from the road, but I likely won’t travel with my computer, so bear with me as I leave this post here for a time.

Thanks.  And don’t forget to join the raffle for a V I t-shirt by emailing:

  • I can understand how difficult it must be to leave husband and puppy behind!
    And I love the photo of the three of you at the funeral for the stuff toy! You and hubby look appropriately grief-stricken, but puppy looks not the least bit remorseful! Of course, a golden’s normal expression is a smile, isn’t it? Even when they are sad. As I am sure puppy was….

  • Sheesh – I read that comment over twice and still missed the spelling error!
    Stuffed toy. (stuffing-less toy?)

  • That picture is HILARIOUS! I hope you have a great trip. I am watching NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles tonight and I don’t care who calls, I’m not answering the phone.

  • You had the murderer at the funeral?? (Cute puppy, though.)

    Cheryl, I will watch both as soon as Daughter wakes up.

    Sara, how can you survive for a month without your computer? Note that I’m not worrying about husband or dog.

  • Penny Thornton

    Sara, you look a little like Virginia Woolf in that hat! Good luck with the trip.

  • Shirley Harrison

    Am sure VI fans will turn out for the signings. I ordered my autographed copy from “The Raven” bookstore in Lawrence, KS. Looked at the list and picked it because my parents were KU grads/Jayhawks.

  • Mrs. Paretsky,

    I’m new here but I saw you on Chicago Tonight recently and looked up your books at the library. You can add one more fan to your list! Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I’m enjoying Total Recall and looking forward to reading the rest. Perfect timing to find another great author just in time for winter (I’m out in the (very!) far western burbs). I’ve got my evenings by the fire all planned out for me now, since I’ve discovered V.I. I’m actually looking forward to being trapped at home this winter. Thanks! -Melissa in Montgomery

  • Sharon Mason

    I just finished ‘Bleeding Kansas’, and can’t tell you how very much I enjoyed the story and history lesson. This book was quite a departure from the mystery novel I expected from you, but I was delighted with the surprise. Thank you from Sharon in Valparaiso


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