Hardball: the return of V I

This is the title of a new novel about V I which I finished writing a few weeks ago. My publisher likes it, so it’s a go. They haven’t given me a pub date yet, but look for it this coming fall, unless the publishing industry disappears completely. The book takes place in the present, in the ugly swamp of Cook County politics, but the crime has roots in the summer of 1966, when the city erupted in riots as white neighborhoods reacted to the “threat” of open housing. V I’s young cousin, Petra Warshawski, shows up in Hardball for the first time and the two of them, sometimes together, sometimes at odds, stir up some ugly looking Anacondas from the real and rhetorical marshes that underlie Chicago. I tried to figure out a way to link this blog to the opening chapters of the book, but couldn’t. If you want to read a couple of chapters, they’re available here: After December 15, the first two chapters will be available at the same link.


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  • Pascale

    Many thanks Ms Paretsky. It is a pleasure, as well as a privilege, to read a couple of chapters ahead of time. It is a bit like tickling though, both delightful and painful !
    I shall certainly look forward to reading the entire book whenever the time comes. And once I am through with it, I have no doubt that I will wish I had paced myself …

  • I agree with Pascale. Great looking chapter, and I sincerely hope the publishing industry isn’t so bad that they won’t go ahead with it. Really looking forward to the whole book.

  • corkhead

    Great to have another VI to read. I look forward to it with much pleasure.

  • genny

    I’m also excited about the release of another VI mystery. Can’t wait!

  • Oh this is tremendously exciting!

  • Sara, I can’t wait for your book (and my mom will be excited, too)!

    I wouldn’t expect you to remember being a mentor to me as a young woman/activist in 1980s Hyde Park, but I do, with gratitude…and you and VI both continue to inspire.

    Have fun with blogging!

    Be well.

  • Haven’t yet read the two chapters but just wanted to say that I love your new blog! I’m adding it to the blogs that I follow so I won’t miss a post. And now I’m going to pour a cup of coffee and settle down to read the new chapters of Hardball…

  • corkhead

    It was great to get your newsletter, Sara, with the link to your blog. I’m sure that many more people will read it and post comments.
    Best for the holiday season!

  • saraparetsky

    Thanks to everyone for responding. I’ll have a new post up soon! Anne, thanks for reminding me of our work together. Anika, good to have you writing and thinking, as always. And of course it was bookwitch who got this whole thing started.

  • ab

    By Annika, do you mean me? Thanks! I am looking forward to the next V.I. book. I’ve just finished my own fourth recently – of all places, it’s set in San Francisco!

    Bookwitch, well done to make Sara blog! You sound like a fellow Swede?

  • Hi Ab,

    Yes, I did wonder if that was a Swedish Annika, or not. Do come over to bookwitch for a visit. Do you write in English?

  • ab

    Hi Bookwitch,

    I got curious and have already have visited you! No, I write in Swedish, but there is an English chapter at Sara reads German, so she had a German translation.

    Sorry Sara for communicating with BW on your blog! Hope you don’t mind.

  • Pascale

    How nice to see this blog come to life with such interesting people !


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