Happy Thanksgiving

To all friends near and far, new and old. I am grateful for another year with such good friends, grateful for my cousin Barb and her intrepid spirit, serving in the Peace Corps far from home, to my friends who keep small bookstores going, living on the most minute of salaries to keep the living words of books alive, to my husband, for caring for me with all my ups and downs, to all men and women in uniform who are on our streets or on streets in remote countries, to my family, my granddaughter, the more people I name, the more I know I’m overlooking, so forgive me for not mentioning you: you are in my heart even if not on my forgetful lips.

What I would like less of in the year to come: war, mean-spiritedness, religious zealotry, political zealotry, disrespect, homelessness, worrying about making it to the next paycheck or the next shelter to find a meal, lies about how much radiation came out of Fukushima, lies about people who can’t find work, lies about pollution, poverty, God, women, men, children, dogs, cows…

What I would like more of: peace, peacefulness, play, playfulness, homes, jobs, a time not to work, a time not to be online, time with friends, more time with friends, did I say peace?


  • Idzan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Happy Thanksgiving Sara and family and all readers. In the late 60s to 70s. we used to have Peace Corps teachers in our schools. I still remember Ms Hawkins and Mr James in my first year of High school. During elementary school, Ms Margaret Mitchell was our principal. She introduced the 4H club and also Honor Roll based on the American school system. She was from Iowa and was in Malaysia (then Malaya) for decades.. From what I heard she has passed on after returning home. We were thrilled then to receive care package from the US Red Cross.

    P.S. Now our government is again starting to recruit Peace Corps from the States to teach our school kids English especially in the rural areas.

  • the Bag Lady

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sara, to you and your family. May all your wishes come true!

  • Sara Paretsky

    Thank you so much for staying with me here, Idzan. It’s been a rocky year here, with my husband’s health making it hard to keep commitments or stay focused, so I cherish my friends, here and far away.s

  • Idzan

    We pray that your husband will be back in the best of health

  • Pen

    Oh such wise true words Sara! Especially the last paragraph. I think everyone would say that that is what they would like. Keep thinking positive thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

  • Shirleyannb

    I think we have a capable Secretary of State who is working for world peace.  Am in agreement with you on wishing for more fun, time with friends, better employment and homes for everyone. I might add more good weather.

  • Anonymous

    Shirleyannb, I hope you didn’t think my post was criticizing Hillary, whom I’ve always admired–I just want peace, or at least less war, in all countries and continents. And I do agree with wanting more good weather. Last winter about did me in and my spirits are low as the days continue to shorten

  • Shirleyannb

    Not at all. I know that you’re in support of Hillary and her efforts for peace. 

  • Shirleyannb

    Sara, I’m wondering about getting a flashlight when I order the book. Do you know yet which booksellers will have the them?

  • Shirely ANN B, For reasons of logistics and expense (I’m paying for the lights myself) I’m limiting them to the stores where I’ll be signing. That said, by all means, request one when you order the book and I’ll make sure we enclose one with the book. The easiest places for me to make that happen are the Chicago stores, Anderson’s, where I start the tour on Jan 3, or Women & Children First on January 12.


    I just read Breakdown.  I liked it. I have read several of your books, and I am a fan.  I have an issue with the book.  On page 179 it states that in 2009 there were 150,000 Vietnam veterans on the street.  There are many people who will provide data to show this is true, but it’s not.  If it were about one in six Vietnam Veterans alive are existing on the streets as homeless people.  
    Many homeless say they are Vietnam veterans when they are not.  
    There are about eight hundred thousand remaining Vietnam Veterans of about three million who served.  There are one million six hundred thousand men who claim to be Vietnam veterans.  
    In most cases no one cares whether they are or not.  They deal with them because they are in need.  
    Most people don’t know that Vietnam veterans were more successful than non VietnamVeterans of their generation.  Most don’t relate the age of those claiming to be Vietnam veterans to the possibility that they served.  
    I was nineteen when I went to Vietnam in the middle of the war.  I am 65 now.  Those people on the streets are not, but feel that saying they are a result of the war gets them special consideration.  
    It often does.  Many of my generation still want to pity us who served believing that justifies things they did.  They think we were the bottom who were taken advantage of, and went.  
    My Vietnam assignment was twelve months and twenty-five days.  I served with Third Reconnaissance Bn, Third Marine Division.  We were a combat unit.  We sustained a high casualty rate, and had four men presented with the Medal of Honor for their actions.  
    I spent four years as the President of the Third Reconnaissance Association.  I know the brothers I served with.  Like any group we had people with financial hardships, we all suffered from our combat experiences, but we don’t know anyone on the street. 
    I am sure there are Vietnam Veterans on the Street, but not many.  Not 150,000.    

  • Sara Paretsky

    Thank you for your comment, and for your service. My older brother was also a Marine in Vietnam. I hope you are correct that not as many veterans are homeless as I’ve been led to believe. I got my data partly from a report on homelessness and vets on NPR, and partly from the veterans, inc website: http:///


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