Edgar Photos

I went to New York last week for the Edgar banquet, where the Mystery Writers of America did me the honor of naming me a Grand Master.  It felt strange to join Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Rex Stout and Agatha Christie’s company, as if I were both old enough and distinguished enough for the honor.  In my previous post, I included the remarks I gave on accepting this honor, but I also wanted to post a few pictures.  I’m afraid I’m in most of the pix because I was getting people to take pictures of me with friends, but I hope some more wide ranging pictures will show up soon that I can add here.

Laurie Ferguson, a cherished friend, attended the party as Dorothy's representative

With Dorothy Salisbury Davis for her 95th Birthday

With Laura Lippman at the Edgars

Augie Aleksy and Tracy won the Raven for their stellar bookstore, Centuries and Sleuths

My husband, Courtenay Wright, still fits into the dinner dress he bought in 1949

Writer and editor Joanna Krotz, one of my oldest friends, arrives with Putnam publicity director Michael Barson

With my literary agent, Dominick Abel

  • I think you’ll find that many of us are here for you, so you’re allowed and more than welcome to be in those photos.

  • shirleyannb

    Very nice photos, Sara.

    Why do they still call the award the Grand “Master” in this day and time??

  • Dino

    As my Yiayia would say, Mazel tov! 

  • My phone line is down & won’t be repaired until May 19, so I won’t be checking email regularly. If you need to reach me urgently, please call my cellphone or email Noah Cruickshank for help

  • Ruth Ann Rothbauer

    I have been a fan of your books for many years. I just finished Body Work, and was so happy for another wonderful book. Thank you again Ms. Paretsky for the talent you share with your many fans!!
    Ruth Rothbauer

  • My phone line is down & won’t be repaired until May 19, so I won’t be checking email regularly. If you need to reach me urgently, please call my cellphone or email Noah Cruickshank for help

  • JN Welsh

    You are certainly worth of the honor — and I’m saying that as a big Hercule Poirot fan. It looks like you had truly lovely night to remember…and a lovely dress. I’m jealous. I miss the days when I could wear dresses like that.

  • Joyrosner

    Congratulations to you Sara!   We’re looking forward to the new book.   Joy and Jon Rosner

  • Sandra

    Dear Sara,  what a wonderful honor to be named “Grand Master.”  You are truly deserving!!  I love your writing and know you have inspired many writers with your wonderful novels.  I just read your previous post and agreed with everything you said and really loved the quotes.


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