Day 3– DC to KC

Genny from the cyber community came down from Jersey to my signing in Bethesda last night–great to meet in person.  I had a brief time in the White House–wasn’t allowed to take pictures, so imagine me getting an apple from the bowl the First Lady keeps in her office.

Tuesday night in Chicago–I outsold Dan Brown–I feel like my dog retrieving a particularly large football–she likes to steal them from the school field near our house  If I don’t get to them in time she chews nice holes in them.

When I get back to Chicago I’ll post some tour photos here.  I’m waiting for a ride to the airport and am off to KC.  I am way too old and tired for a different city every night.

Genny and Sara do Bethesda

Genny and Sara do Bethesda

Genny and Sara get it together

Genny and Sara get it together

dc trip and sara paretsky-63

Genny and Sara do Bethesda

Cheryl K, thanks for not posting any NCIS news!

  • How exciting to have a visit to the White House!

    And cool that you got to meet someone from the cyber community in person!

    Thanks for the update on your tour.

  • Very pleased you outsold DB! You should, but there is no accounting for people’s tastes.

    Stay off CultureWitch to avoid NCIS spoilers…

  • Glad all is going well on tour! Re: NCIS…well, I wouldn’t spoil your fun for the world. But you’ll love it when you see it.

  • Sara!
    I am excited to see you will be back in Wichita on Oct. 9 and look forward to reading your newest novel!

    I still think of you quite often. Odd, since we only spent a couple of hours together during your book event with our local chapter of NOW. Perhaps it was because your eyes seemed so sad (although it might have just been pain from your neck injury!).

    We remember your generosity and graciousness and several of us plan to attend your book signing at Watermark. I’ve added it to our website.

    Thank you again for all you do to create strong women (and not just in your fiction!) Please know that we still hold a large measure of affection for you.

    Warm regards (and wishing you safe travel!),

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, it was just a thrill to meet you at Bethesda. We just got back home a short time ago and still unpacking. I’ll email the pictures to you tomorrow. My husband and I had a wonderful time.

    Wow a trip to the White House. What kind of apples did Michelle have on her desk?

  • Genny, it was great to meet you. I’ll post some of your pix when I get home–thanks for being so generous and taking them when my own camera failed. Michelle had — I think–either galas or pink ladies.
    Melanie, I still remember that NOW event–I was having a pretty high pain time, but i was so awed by the dedication of you and your friends that I’m glad I was able to be there
    Bookwitch, thanks for warning me off your site!

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, happy to see that the pictures came through ok.

  • genny from jersey

    My husband is happy that you posted his pictures. I’m usually the one taking the pictures. I think he did a great job.

  • Great photos, ladies! I LOVE the last one – wish I’d been in on the joke!!



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