Change in Comments Coming

During the last month, I’ve started getting hit by 200-plus spams a day, so I’m going to have to set up a comment registration policy.  I’m sorry to inconvenience all the people who visit the site and leave interesting comments, but the registration seems to be the least inconvenient of all the ways we’ve explored to minimize spammers–you register once and then you can post any time you visit the site, as opposed to having to copy a security code every time you submit a post.

  • Remember when Spam was something that came in a can and you sliced it, stuck it between two slices of white bread with mayonnaise and ate it? It wasn’t really very good, but it was a whole hell of a lot better than the kind of spam that makes you want to reach through your computer and choke the living daylights outta someone! Sorry to hear you’ve been attacked by the spammers, Sara.

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, it seems that some people have nothing better to do. There are other discussion groups I visit that also have gone to the registration process. It does seem to be a never ending battle.

  • Penny Thornton

    Sounds like a good idea if it will stop those pesky spammers, Sara.

  • I find it depends on my ISP. At home I rarely get spam, and WordPress deals with most of it, but while travelling I have also been hit with loads of spam, which then takes a while to get rid of. Are you using WordPress Akismet for spam?

  • Ah, baglady, you always have the mot juste. Bookwitch, akismet has thrown up its hands with the onslaught I’m facing. And thanks, Penny, Genny–I wish for all four of you a happy and healthy new year.

  • This is your Web Mistress, testing the new system!

  • Me again! Just totally making sure this works.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad that a few can cause an uproar. The Disqus registration was a little puzzling and required me to pick a new user name.

    Hope you all are having a Happy Holiday season. Now is a good time to sign a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia.

  • Lisa

    Hello, it’s Lisa the Webmaster commenting again.

  • Hmmm, just checking out the new comment page.

  • Me too, Bag Lady. How are you?

  • I am great, bookwitch – any better and they’d probably arrest me!
    How are you?
    Happy Holidays1
    Uh oh…. hi, Sara. Just co-opting your comment section to visit with one of the lovely people I’ve met here. Hope you don’t mind! (and thanks for “introducing” us!) And although I know Hannukah is past, I hope you enjoy the season, too.


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