Body Work Grand Prize

Yours for not quite the asking, the Grand Prize in the Body Work Sweepstakes. We’re giving away a signed copy of Body Work along with some Chicago memorabilia including not just a pound of V I’s favorite coffee, but some Cubs mementos and a few surprise gifts. This Grand Prize will go to the person with the best answer to this question:  Which of V I’s lovers should she stay with and why?

Submit answers by email only to by November 3rd. All answers will be posted after the winner is chosen.

Winners of previous sweepstakes drawings are welcome to enter. The winner will be chosen completely subjectively.

  • err…. the link to the email address doesn’t seem to be working properly. (or is it just me? sigh.)

  • I’ve fixed it–thanks, Bag Lady, for the action alert

  • Dear Sara, ( Hi V.I.)
    Thank you for your recent interview on KUOW, Seattle. You were talking about plot, how sometimes you come to a cliff and can’t go on, how you went back and cut 200 pages. I needed to hear that, remodeling chapter III. Thank You.

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Happy voting Ms Paretsky and all American friends.
    I am all excited to know the results. Will be tuning to CNN 24/7.
    Wonder whether the political pundits’ predictions will come true and will the Tea Party movement impacted the elections.

  • Curious old CPD copper here – did your family have any connection to the long standing Warshawski’s auto parts store at Archer & State? Thanks, Andy

  • We didn’t have any connection to Warshawsky Auto Parts, but one of my stepsons went to school with one of the daughters, and at a party in her parents’ apartment he found copies of the books-so I guess they were happy to have a detective with their same name!


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