Best Books of 2012

I recently asked some knowledgeable book people for the best books they’d read in 2012 (whether they were published this year or not.) Since I’m a reader as well as a writer, I’m always looking for something interesting to read. I loved the suggestions–I’d only heard of about a third of the titles, so my 2013 reading list is already underway. Dig in, see what you love, what you don’t know, what you maybe didn’t like as well as these people did, and feel free to add your own comments to the list below.

The Story of Little Orphan Courtenay, Written and Illustrated by Sara Paretsky

Ayo Onatade & Kelly Hager – Attica Locke’s The Cutting Season

Sara Jayne Townsend, Linda Gustavson, Izzanie Ismail, & Stephanie Wilkinson Hargett – Stephen King’s 11.22.63

Bob Calder – Rebecca Stott’s Darwin’s Ghosts

Lisa Eichholtz & Mary Kay Thompson – Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

Jeffrey Robert Broido – Cornell Woolrich’s Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Debra Polk – Beth McMullen’s To Sin Again

Shirley Schwartz – Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance

Pema Newton – Malla Nunn’s The Silent Valley

Beverly Henrich – J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy

Robert Coupée – Molly Ringwald’s When it Happens to You

Patrice Brown – Tana French’s Broken Harbor

Susan Hewitt – Michael Buckley’s The Sister’s Grimm

Stephanie K. Eller – Robert Caro’s The Passage of Power

Christine Morton – Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies

Ken Eisenstein – Chad Hardbach’s The Art of Fielding, Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Pattern, A Rumor of War by Phillip Caputo


  • Susan

    Interesting list – less literature (think the word in quotation marks) and more commercial, and more real for that. I have only read a couple, which means more for the damned TBR pile. Thanks.

  • Neve Rallow

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  • Umang

    My favorites this year were ‘Evening is the Whole Day’ by Preeta Samasaran (for previously published books) and ‘Dear Life” by Alice Munro for new publications. please post yours, Sara! Happy new year- Umang

  • Neve Rallow

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  • Neve Rallow

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  • Neve Rallow

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  • Neve Rallow

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  • Neve Rallow

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  • kathy d.

    Several favorites of 2012: One I wholeheartedly recommend if Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin, who teaches literature at the U. of Miss. It’s a novel of the South, about poverty, racism, friendship lost and found, the human condition. Everyone I know of who has read it loved it. Wonderful character development.

  • I read this a while back and agree; great novel.

  • Thanks, Umang–I’m adding Samasaran to my list

  • Neve Rallow

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  • Memphisweaver

    Tana French is an exquisite writer. She is able to balance plot and character driven writing within the same novel. If you are interested in reading about conflicts between blacks and whites in the Deep South of the 1950’s, I recommend “The Ravine” by James Williamson. This novel is based on actual events that occurred in the author’s youth. It is raw and truthful in describing how violence and hatred took over a small Mississippi town’s core. The writing is excellent.

  • thanks for the recommendation about “The Ravine,” which is new to me. I agree with you about Tana French. I loved Faithful Place. I’m just now getting to The Book Thief, which I think is pretty amazing


    My favorite line so far from any of your books, made me laugh out loud! “I read that last sentence three times and decided that
    English might not actually be my first language”. Thanks for that!!


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