And the Winner Is…

I turned in my manuscript, I went to Crimea, I had my tooth implant–but I haven’t forgotten the Book Title Contest.

First, the bad news.  My editors preferred Body Work, but I don’t get a walk-on role.  Or maybe V I, my Avatar, is doing it for me.

Now the good news. There were two titles that seemed to me to work really well for this book:  Naked Truth and Home Front.  Two people suggested Naked Truth, Deb Steppe and Peter the Unknown.  Genne from Jersey suggested Home Front. All three of you get walk-on roles in Body Work–unless you’ve changed your mind since entering the contest.

I’m finishing final edits on the manuscript this week, so let me know, either by private email or by a post here two things:  1) do you still want to be in the book, and 2) if you do, what the full name is that you’d like me to use.

Thanks to everyone for taking part.  It was great fun to read all the entries, and I hope you had fun thinking about them as well.

  • genny from jersey

    Sara, I’m so excited. I just ran to tell Michael that I was going to be famous–a walk on role! This is so cool!

    Any idea about a release date?

    Thanks again for this honor! Genny

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Congrats to Genny and the other duo.
    Great to have your names in the novel.
    I have always dreamed my name as a character in a book.
    Will be thrilled if the author dedidated it to me or thanks to or in appreciation of.
    Ah well, I can only dream.
    Ps. Ms Paretsky, please have a contest where we can crack our brains and win your book.

  • Big congrats to Deb, Peter and Genne (1) for being brave enough to enter the contest and (2) for winning walk-0n roles! Can hardly wait to read the book to see how they’re portrayed. What fun!

  • Cool! Congratulations to all the winners…. what fun, to have your names in one of Sara’s books! (and no, I’m not green with envy – I’ve been drinking chlorophyll to make me healthier. Or some such nonsense. The only effect I can see so far is my tongue is green. Sigh.)

  • Patricia

    Congrats to all the winners. Will be reading VI’s next outing with a lookout for the winners. Sublime!

  • I’m a bit put out, too, Bag Lady. But maybe V I couldn’t handle the two of us, anyway.

  • Bookwitch – you’re probably right….. after all, VI is getting older! *ahem*

  • Shirley

    I was wondering when you would make the announcement. Thought the trip had taken its toll on you, and the title announcement fell victim to travel fatigue.

    Will be waiting for the release of Body Work in the fall??

  • Tracy in Georgia

    GO GENNY, I can say I knew you when! I hope you and Mr. Genny will associate with us at G11 🙂

  • Thanks to all for these goodnatured replies (they are good natured, right, Bookwitch???)
    And Idzan Ismail–great idea about a contest for a new book–I’ll start thinking about that right away!


  • genny from jersey

    Tracy, it’s nice to see you here! Of course we’ll still associate with you.

  • Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Ms Paretsky
    Thanks. I hope I win an autographed copy from you. Your books come to our shores rather late.

  • Congratulations to the winners! What fun it will be seeing where you end up! Hobo or hero? And the new cover looks very noir.

    I was thinking, with the new HCR being passed, and the battles around it still raging, just what a fine achievement BITTER MEDICINE was. Then I looked at when it was published. 1987!!!!! 23 years on – finally some progress to celebrate. WWVID?*


    *What would VI drink!

  • Good natured? Well, I suppose it could be, if you want it to.

    ; )

  • Congratulations to all…my disappointment is easily overshadowed by the thought of a new V.I. novel. I can’t wait.

  • Shirley

    It was hot in TN the past few days, so I got out my VI tee shirt yesterday. The silhouette of the woman with the floppy hat on the front of the shirt reminded me of you in one of the pictures from your trip. Is that a trademark of yours?

  • Ah, what a pity, it seems this slipped my attention. I guess it’s far too late now, so I have to be happy with a role in the BLog.

    Peter Holl


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