And the Winner Is…

Where was V I Warshawski while I was working on other projects?  We posed the question, and people with way more imagination than I have came up with ideas that were both clever and appropriately cynical.  Although this is Chicago, the fix was not in.  No money or goods or even services changed hands in determining a winner.  Instead, the judging was completely arbitrary.

The winner gets an advance copy of Hardball and a V I t-shirt.  There are also two runners-up, who each get a V I Warshawski t-shirt.

Because of the detail and the passion in her storyline, the winner is Marjory (July 28).  Mark Casey’s poem was too clever to overlook, and the Bag Lady’s involvement of my personal favorite, Geraldine Graham from Blacklist, make them the two runners-up.  Thanks to everyone for taking part.  I hope you had as much fun writing as I did reading.

By the way, after our arbitrary panel (consisting of me and my retriever) chose Marjory last night, I had a lurid dream involving Prince Charles.  I was in the chapel at Windsor imagesas the Queen celebrated the prince’s fortieth anniversary as Prince of Wales.  She had given him a sapphire ring, which he showed me and I pretended to admire–it was hideously gaudy.

Prince Charles Sapphire Ring

Prince Charles Sapphire Ring

And then at the end of the ceremony, the Queen announced that as a special present, she was returning his wife to him.  Diana suddenly appeared–at which the prince leaped to his feet, screaming, “I don’t want her, I don’t want her,” and ran down the street.  I don’t know what that dream means to Freud, but it tells me to lay off Marjory’s posts and hot fudge late at night–bad combo!

  • Hmm, that is very worrying… But fun. Don’t know what made you dream that, though. I generally find that there is something from my real life and recent thoughts to explain most dreams. Have you been seeing Charles?

  • Sara, thanks so much for choosing my storyline as one of the runners-up! I’m tickled pink about the t-shirt, and have to admit that I loved the Geraldine Graham character, too!

    That dream was a little worrisome! Perhaps next time you should choose butterscotch or caramel; anything but hot fudge!

  • genny from jersey

    I’m thinking you should have the hot fudge sundae for breakfast and go with strawberry shortcake at night.

    Congratulations to all the winners. I wish I had your creativity.

  • That is hilarious! I hardly ever dream but when I do I’m usually exhausted in the morning…what does that say?

    My heartiest congratulations to Marjory and the Bag Lady! Well deserved!

  • Mark Casey

    YAY! Thank you Sara, I was thrilled to have my poem considered and classed good enough as a runner-up. 🙂 I’m a little concerned about your dream however, I wouldn’t dare fall asleep again after that!!

  • Mark Casey

    Congratulations to Marjory, very good story indeed!

  • Marjory

    I’m very happy to win and I’m really looking forward to reading ‘Hardball’ and wearing my t-shirt! Sorry I caused the Windsors to haunt your dreams though – it occurs to me as perhaps strange now, but lucky, that I never dream about them. I probably think about (getting rid of) them too much when I’m conscious. You’re right though, he would run from Diana. He’s recently also suggested he may have inherited traits (of architectural taste) from Henry the Eighth! Yes, the murderous tyrant who killed some of his wives as well as lots of other people. Great ancestor to choose eh? *Man claiming to be from Uncle tries to wash dirty genes in public*!

  • Marjory

    I hope Geraldine Graham is still going as well – I gave ‘Blacklist’ to my 90 year old mother as I thought she would relate.

  • I believe Geraldine is still going strong–and thanks for all the good responses to the contest

  • Marjory

    By the way, my mum did enjoy the book very much and several others of yours which she read – she says they’re very exciting. I rang one day and was told “She’s (V.I.) breaking into a bulding!”. She joked about not liking the rats in Tunnel Vision! She’s already claimed a read of ‘Hardball’ after me.

  • Patricia

    Hear! Hear! Congratulations to the Vic trophy-ists. Lively and fun reading the creative scenarios about VI’s doings. Great too to see a sample of just how much VI lives in many of our hearts.

  • Jacqueline Seewald


    So glad to hear about the new mystery novel. I’m looking forward to reading Hardball!

    All the best,

    Jacqueline Seewald
    The Drowning Pool, Five Star/Gale 2009
    The Inferno Collection, Five Star hardcover, Wheeler large print 2008

  • I’m so sorry…I forgot to include Mark in my congratulations. Congratulations to you, Mark, as well!


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